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    My digital scale is pathetic!

    Thanks Paula! Guess I will stick to my old measuring tape=) MichelleP
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    I just found out...........

    Congrats!!!!!!! Congrats Trevor and michelle! How exciting!!!!!!! MichelleP
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    James Kenyon Whitney

    Congrats! Congrats to you and your family! I remember before I had Kaylee I too was online looking for natural ways to start labor when I got closer to the due date.....lo and behold...I had to be induced several weeks earlier due to low fluid level.........CONGRATS!MichelleP
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    I Had My Baby!

    Congrats!!!!!!! Congratulations to you and your family=) MichelleP
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    My digital scale is pathetic!

    Okay I know we need to measure with a tape measure to track our progress. But I thought using my scale also here and there would help. My scale is TERRIBLE. Does anyone else have a digital scale that is pathetic? One time I get on it reads one number....and even for 5 or 6 times in a row and...
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    Congrats Cedie! I will miss Cedie too! She is so cute and motivating=) MichelleP
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    Baby is transverse :(

    Baby turning My baby wasn't transverse but she was breech .....I think I was 37 weeks then. She ended up turning around at 38 weeks. I was so scared because I had delivered 2 babies vaginally and didn't want a c-section. I obessed about for days and then we discovered she turned around. Thank...
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    I hope to be posting here soon....I'm 3 weeks late....

    Sorry So sorry=( Sending you a hug! MichelleP
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    I hope to be posting here soon....I'm 3 weeks late....

    Good luck! I'll be thinking about you! MichelleP
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    Tommy girl is here (it's about time)

    Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on your new bundle of joy! What did you name her? MichelleP
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    Checking in

    Hi Victoria As you see stupid me posted in the wrong section ....he he YES I remember you! NO I am not ready for a bikini...I am really am trying hard to workout...somedays are better than others. My daughter is great although sick right now she got a bad ear infection and her eardrum...
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    Checking in

    I hit a different button so hopefully I am posting in the right place....if not please forgive me=) I did better but not great. Sunday-Step heat Monday-Tae Bo advanced #2 30 mins Tuesday-off Wednesday-put ankle weights on and did toning Thursday-step portion of Get in shape for your wedding...
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    My little boy

    CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy that baby!!!!!!!! I have 3 and my second baby boy as I call him turned 3 today=( Growing up fast!!!!! My daughter will be 1 next month.....The first few yrs. seem to fly by!!!! MichelleP
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    The stork arrived!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! Enjoy him!!!!!!! My baby will be one next month=( MichelleP
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    Thanks to everyone who emailed me about ER!

    You are all so incredibly sweet!!!!! Thanks for taking time to email me......And I am still in shock!!!!!!!! Maybe it was kinda of good I missed it....things upset me and I probably would have tossed and turned!!!! MichelleP