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    I think I need to get out....

    I think I need to leave this week; my husband just showed me how unstable he is, and I think this might escalate. I posted last week about what happened then; well, things have been alright this week. He was sad Monday, Tuesday better, and seemed fine by the end of the week. Last night when I...
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    What just happened?

    I feel absolutely nothing inside... I came home today, he'll hardly talk to me. Not mean, just sad. I asked him how his day went, and he says, "I got through it." He goes to take a bath at 5; I asked if he was feeling sick (he thought he had a cold all last week); he tells me "not really...
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    What just happened?

    Thank you all for your responses. We talked for a bit this morning, but I just can't help feeling he's trying to manipulate me emotionally (everything I do is for you, I love you so much, etc.) He began by telling me if I was going to leave, just do it quickly-- I never mentioned leaving to...
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    What just happened?

    I feel like I'm going crazy tonight (and I apologize, this is going to be a looong post). My husband and I have been married for six and half years, the first five of which were pure hell. He was suffering from depression and a series of bad jobs; during this time he was *very* controlling; he...
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    Teaching a college class...frustrated...............

    RE: Teaching a college class...frustrated................. I teach at the college level: short of using a cattle prod, I have yet to figure out how to get freshmen to pick up book without excessive amounts of complaining! A few will, and I try to engage them in broad discussions about themes in...
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    Clothing problem

    A new wardrobe is just the motivation I need to keep going-- it's going to be one heck of shopping trip this summer!!!! I have a pair of jeans I've kept for the past ten years that I bought when I was a sophomore in college--I finally got in them this past weekend:) I can't tell you how many...
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    Clothing problem

    I suppose this is a good problem to have, but NONE of my work clothes fit! I was getting ready for work last week, and my pants were hanging around mid-hip. I tried a belt, but they look baggy everywhere, and I can't wear them. The problem is I can't afford to replace my suits, and I've got...
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    Who gets eye strain?

    I get eye strain occasionally, though not as often as I used to. It feels like the muscles around my eye are very tight-- I can pull along my temples, and it will relieve it for a second. I've found there are two things that cause it: sinus problems and dehydration. Alleve helps me!
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    Sugar vs. Splenda

    Personally, I'd recommend sugar, but that is only because I'm allergic to Splenda!!!! I tried it when it first came out, and it gave me awful headaches in addition to affecting my mood severely. I looked around online and found that for a small number of folks, such types of reactions can...
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    Shoe Inserts

    Were they Insolias? When I googled for inserts, their name came up a lot, but with mixed reviews. :)
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    Shoe Inserts

    I ordered a gorgeous pair of black heels, and they just arrived today. They were comfortable for all of 5 minutes before the balls of my feet started to ache. I've got some Dr. Scholl's inserts in them now, but they aren't cushy enough to offset a 3 inch heel-- any suggestions for other...
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    Is there a good hair darkening shampoo?

    I use Aveda's Black Malva for mine, especially during the summer when my hair gets streaky from the sun. I have to use it for a few days before I can really see the difference, but it seems to last for a while. Also, it's a great conditioner. The only drawback is it will color your fingernails...
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    Cymbalta/Lexapro Response

    What a rough year- I'm sorry for all that you've been through! Regarding your class, you were soooo close to a C; have you spoken with the professor about it? I'm in a humanities discipline, and sometimes, especially when there are extenuating circumstances, I can usually find a point or two...
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    Burnt out this week....

    I've got nothing done for the past three hours....I'm soooo burnt out from Christmas all I want to do is lay on the couch and watch movies. Is the weekend here yet?!!!! :)
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    Step cardio comparable to Cathe

    You might also try Cristi Taylor-- she's got a couple of good ones, like Solid Gold Step, which are a lot of fun with great music. The moves are complicated, and there's not as much intensity, but it is still a great workout. :)