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This is a picture from last nights rehearsal and shows Jai, Lorraine and Brenda doing one of the featured moves in Butts and Guts, called fire-walkers. They may be smiling in the photo, but the picture was taken at the beginning – not the end! We’re now just 2 days away from filming and the […]

4 Days to Go!


Hi Everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. We were very busy rehearsing all the workouts, especially Butt’s and Guts and Body Max 2. Today we rehearse again for a quickie and then the rest of the day is full of errands and phone calls for me. The pace is pretty hectic and fairly […]

Lorraine’s Bio


I am 40 yrs old, happily married, and have been involved in the fitness industry for 15 years. I am a certified personal trainer with clients from 19 to 72 years of age. I teach multiple kickboxing classes weekly as well as body sculpting, circuit training, and an outdoor boot camp training program in the […]

Brenda’s Bio


I am 39 years old, no children; I have a boyfriend of 17 years, one dog and two cats. I work as a database administrator and finance report writer for a company in Runnemede NJ. Exercising and doing my best to keep in good health and shape is something I’ve done my entire adult life. […]

Jai’s Bio


Jai Stulpinas: I am 36 years old, married, and have two spoiled miniature dachsies, Nathan & Kashi. I met Cathe 6 years ago when I started her taking classes and getting my butt kicked by the petite powerhouse…but having sooooo much fun! I teach aerobics twice a week and work out an additional 3-4 times […]