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Heavy Weights


The above picture is from one of our recent rehearsals and shows Brenda doing a pullover with a 25lb dumbbell Our new 4 Day Split series will use three types of equipment for our strength conditioning segments: Dumbbells, barbell and a resistance band. The emphasis in this series is on heavier weights and dumbbells from […]

4 Day Split Presale


Our 2007 presale is now underway. Starting from now on please make sure to return to our blog frequently as we will be adding new information, details and pictures throughout the following weeks! If you haven’t done so already, you can pre-order by going to following link: Here is the scoop on the new […]

2007 Cathe Catalog


  Our 2007 catalog is now at the mail house and will begin shipping in just a few more days to our USA customers. As long as you live in the USA and have ordered from at any time in the past, you will automatically receive our new catalog within the next few weeks. […]