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Why It’s Important to Improve Your Balance and How to Do It


When you work out, your goals probably focus around building strength and endurance and burning fat. These are certainly worthy goals, but there’s an aspect of fitness you may be neglecting – your balance. Why It’s Important to Work on Balance Balance and agility skills are important if you’re an athlete, and having good balance […]

Resistance Training and High Blood Pressure: How Does Weight Training Affect Your Blood Pressure?


High blood pressure affects people of all ages, especially those who have a family history. In general, exercise is a positive for people who have hypertension, especially aerobic exercise, since it causes the arteries to dilate, which lowers blood pressure. It also reduces the risk of heart disease, which is a concern for people who […]

The Benefits of Functional Strength Training in Our New Low Impact Videos


Strength training should do more than build lean body mass, it should make it easier to do everyday activities such as picking up a heavy object off the floor or shoveling a driveway full of snow. Working individual muscles gives those muscles more strength and muscle definition, but it won’t greatly enhance your ability to […]

Caffeine and Exercise: Does Drinking Coffee Boost Exercise Endurance?


Athletes are always looking for a way to boost their performance, and caffeinated beverages such as coffee are a popular way to “fuel up” before a workout. Caffeine can certainly perk you up and make you more alert, but what effect does it have on exercise performance? Caffeine and Exercise Research shows that caffeine improves […]