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DVD and Download – Workout Blender


We’re celebrating the release of the Workout Blender in this week’s humorous episode of “DVD and Download”. The Workout Blender makes it possible to create a premix using any of our Cathe Workouts. You can select exercise segments from as many videos as you like and create your own workout masterpiece. This is an early […]

Why is DVD Wearing a Disguise?


In this week’s humorous episode of “DVD and Download”, to help promote our soon to be released Free Workout Blender, DVD thinks someone is out to knock him off and is wearing a disguise so he won’t be recognized. Well, certainly someday digital downloads will replace DVDs, but this will not happen for several years […]

“DVD and Download – Push Ups?


In this week’s humorous episode of “DVD and Download” the the theme is about how  easy it is to customize your workout with our new patent pending Workout Blender. If you hate push ups you can easily eliminate them or replace them with another exercise in the WB. Our Workout Blender puts you in control […]