Cardio Club Step

The new Cardio Club Step tested and rated to hold up to 350 lbs!

The New Fitness by Cathe Cardio Club Step has been designed to be the strongest and best step on the market. A leading independent safety lab has tested and rated the new FBC Cardio Club Step to be able to safely handle loads up to 350 lbs. The rubber slip-resistant mat has also been improved upon so that it should not come lose from the step platform. The Cardio Club Step adjusts to 4in., 6in., and 8in height levels. A Free FBC copy of Cathe’s Lo Max DVD (a $26.99 value) is included with each step. Pricing and Details

Includes Free FBC Lo Max DVD

Includes Free FBC Lo Max DVD

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17 Responses to “The New Fitness by Cathe Cardio Club Step”

  1. JoANn says:

    How do you order it?

  2. Tricia says:

    Do the original slanted risers work with this step as well?

  3. CatheDotCom says:

    Yes, your Slanted and Original Health Club Step risers will fit the new Cardio Club Step

  4. Ann Marie says:

    I just bought the original health club step and slanted risers yesterday from Cathe. I am so bummed, because I would rather have this one, now! ;-(

  5. Ann Marie says:

    Well, I e mailed support@cathe, and Nancy replied, so quickly, my order wasn’t shipped, so they will send me Cathe’s cardio step, instead of the original. I am so happy, that I am doing the Happy Dance! Amazing customer service, I am thanking Cathe and her awesome crew!

  6. Karen R says:

    What is the difference, besides color, btwn original STEP, health club step & Cathe Cardio step?

  7. lori says:

    I was hoping maybe you could just buy the step without the risers. I have plenty of risers. Just a thought

  8. That was an interesting stuff. I truly appreciate your effort to inform us. Many thanks for sharing this! glad i came across this site. thumbs up!

    - Jaime

  9. Jackie says:

    How many additional risers would be needed to be able to use this with the STS Push Pull Tower?

  10. TJ says:

    Tried to order new cardio step using step20 coupon code, which said will expire 2/10/2010, but when ordering, states this code expired on 2/6/2010. Please update thank you

  11. Jackie says:

    Hey TJ,
    I just ordered using the coupon. Be sure to follow the link given in the post above from CatheDOTCOM. If you follow a different link the coupon code won’t work. Also remember to use all capital letters for the code.
    Hope this helps -

  12. Russell says:

    I’d like to inquire about the bench that Cathe uses in the pyramid sessions. Where can I purchase that bench? It does not look like the cardio stepper on your site.

  13. Beatrice says:

    Hey Russell, I was actually going to ask the same question. However, I’m pretty sure it was already discontinued :(

    It’s really disappointing because I rprefer using the step as a bench or for weight training rather than as an aerobic step.

  14. CatheDotCom says:

    It’s called the Super Step. I’m not sure if this is still made anymore.

  15. Jackie N says:

    I tried to order it yesterday and today and each time it said the code expired on 2/11. I’m so disappointed. Am I really too late??? I’d love to order this step today.

  16. SOFIA says:

    sorry for the inconvenience but i don’t know where else to ask for my order…
    i have order the step at February 9, 2010 Order#: 55517 and i have send at the costumer service ’till now 8 e-mails and no one answer!
    If someone of you could be kindly enough to answer me about how many days after i will recieve my order?
    I wonder if the costumer service of Cathe’s shop is finally exists…..

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