Step Aerobic DVDs

Nobody has produced as many step aerobic videos and DVDs as fitness guru Cathe Friedrich. Cathe is credited with producing one of the very first step aerobic videos in 1989, Step N Motion One. This video became a ‘must have’ for every aerobics instructor in the country and catapulted Cathe onto the world stage helping to create a movement that is known today as Power Stepping.

Since 1989, Cathe has continued producing cutting edge step aerobic videos and has just recently released two new step DVDs – Athletic Step and Step Moves.

We offer a wide variety of step aerobic DVDs and digital downloads for all fitness levels. Cathe’s Basic Step + Body Fusion is designed for the beginner/intermediate step aerobics enthusiast while step workouts like Low Max and Low Impact Circuit are made for the stepper who wants to avoid high impact aerobics. A complete selection of all of our Step DVDs is listed below.