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The audio & video is out of sync on my digital download

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When using iTunes or QuickTime within Microsoft® Windows Vista® to view CatheDownload videos, you may experience a noticeable synchronization issue between the audio and video (the audio may get ahead of the video or vice-versa). This is a known and widespread problem with M4V video files (the format CatheDownloads employs) in Vista, but has no solution. Your videos will still play correctly on your iPod/iPhone, but if you view them on your computer screen you might experience the problem. Mac OS X® and PCs running Windows XP® or Windows 7® do not have the issue.

Our only suggestions to solve this problem are to either install Microsoft's Zune® software for viewing, available at (see our tutorial sheet for detailed instructions on using Zune software) or to upgrade your computer to Microsoft Windows 7, which does not use QuickTime for native M4V vid- eo playback. We're sorry there is not a more elegant solution to this synchronization problem. However if one is developed, we will post information on the CatheDownload site.

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