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Downloading is slow, stalls, or does not complete.

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There are many reasons and variables that come into play when downloading a file from the internet. If you are experiencing trouble, we ask that you first try these steps before submitting a help ticket:

  1. Not Wireless: Use a land connection instead of wireless. A lot of wireless connections have built in pause and size filters that can cause problems with large size file downloads.

  2. Disable Anti-Virus: Disable you antivirus software until the download is complete. Antivirus software often pauses a download while scanning the file for viruses. Each pause will be counted as a download attempt by our server and cause you to exceed your allowable download attempts.

  3. Update Browser: Check that you are using the most updated version of your browser. If you are not, install it, then try again.

  4. Clear Cache: There could be some corrupted, cached data in your browser preventing you from gaining a clean session. We suggest closing all browser windows and tabs except for the one you are working in. Then clear out any old temporary stored cache, authenticated session, cookies, etc. from your browser. For instructions on how to do this go here:

    After clearing out your cache, close and restart your browser then try again.

  5. Use a Download Manager: You may need the assistance of a download manager. Internet connections are never perfect and in some cases, when downloading, if your connection is broken, even for a second, some browsers cannot re-establish the connection and your download will stall or timeout. Here is a small list of download managers that may help prevent this scenario and sometimes speed up the process:

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