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I did not know I could get DOMS from Dynabands!
Now I do!
Cathe's workout yesterday made my shoulders, chest and back sore.
But I did use red, purple and blue bands while she was doing green!
Lite Body Weight & Bands Basic Premix #7 which includes Calorie Crush! Wow! ... Abs&str
I am still so spent from over 2 hours of shoveling heavy snow yesterday I had to alter my rotation. My upper body needs a few days off so I went with Low Impact Cardio Supersets instead of Lite Body Weight and Bands.
Personal Training Workout Anja Schreiner Upper Body (she does 2sets I did 3) 25m + Powerstrike Millennium 3 w Ilaria Montagnani & Patricia Moreno then stretch with Cathe Kickbox 5m
Look Great Naked Legs+ Hit the spot Abs+ Gold's Gym cardio Boxing Charmaine+
Cathe Kickmax cool and stretch only
Step & Sculpt Circuit & AWT Shannon+ Hit the spot Abs pt 2 Denise+ Cathe Stretch Max seg 3 17m stretch w band.
Body Bar Sport Zone Carey Bond, Lashaun Dale,Clare Dunphy (I did 2 sets Upper.. finally I Bench pressed 20# db) +Rock Hard Isometric Abs pt3 Denise Austin 10m
I have been doing a lot of research into diet and exercise especially for women over 50 and I am changing things up. I have been way too sore and gaining abdominal weight while working out hard 6 days a week. Something had to change. So I am starting something new- HIIT 2Xs/week and the other days EASY cardio- a run or walk depending on how I feel. Lots of recovery time.
RWH- Chest, shoulders and tris. I have DOMS in every muscle of my body from the last 2 workouts. So today I felt a little weaker then normal and it showed in how much I could lift. On a good note- work was very slow today so I also did an easy 30 minute run on the TM before lunch- love having my office at home.