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Tell us about your STS results!

Discussion in 'STS Forum' started by SNM Videos, May 21, 2009.

  1. SNM Videos Administrator

    Dec 31, 1999
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    We've had a request to start and "sticky" a thread for people to post their STS results. We think this is a great idea and now that many of you are finishing their first round of STS we would like everyone to tell us about their results and what they think of the STS Program. (We will sticky this thread in a few days).
  2. FiddleFit Cathlete

    Jul 22, 2004
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    I finished Disc 36 this morning!! My main result from STS is that it built my self confidence as much as it did my strength. I'm very happy with this journey.

    I did the 3.5 month version, using Cathe's cardio suggestions. I did not go into it with expectations to lose much weight, and as such I didn't change my eating very much. I already eat very well; weight loss for me at this point requires calorie reduction. But in order to build genuine strength, calorie reduction is counterproductive. So, I stuck with my eating, indulged occasionally, and 3.5 months later I'm at the same weight as when I started, but have more muscle definition. The biggest change is in my upper body/arms. I'm not new to lifting heavy, and was beginning with some good definition/muscle mass (when I do aqua fit classes, I need to wear two belts, or I sink like a stone). STS took that up a notch and a half. Meso 3 especially made a difference. I noticed today as I was doing Disc 36 that I actually have clear muscles in my forearms! I've never seen definition there before.

    All of the heavy barbell rows and doing the squat rack legs did great, great things for my core. My lower back is stronger than it's ever been, and I have a very muscular looking middle. My glutes appear to have been raised an inch. I like the looks of my quads: the heads of the vastus medialis and lateralis in particular are more defined.

    My overall result is: bigger upper body (biceps, triceps, shoulders, back), and more definition everywhere.

    STS was worth every penny, and every second of my time. I feel very strong. I feel quite good about myself, and proud of such a tough accomplishment. I've had many comments of late about how strong I appear, and questions about what workouts I do.

    Doing something different every workout made a difference!!!!!!!! Thank you Cathe!! The results of your Shock Training System have truly shocked me! I plan to do it again in the fall; summer's too difficult to be able to stick with a program. Ideally, STS Cardio will be available in time for my second round. How shocked will that make me, at the end of those 3.5 months?? :D

    Congratulations to everyone who made it all the way to Disc 36!!!
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  3. michefit Cathlete

    Aug 3, 2008
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    With STS I have actually been more focused with how I feel than how I look while doing the series. I was the most wary of Meso3 and it has actually been my favourite! There is a such a sense of empowerment to lift and increase your weights in such a short amount of time. STS has helped me break through stubborn weight plateaus:
    Bicep curls - from 15 to 20+ lbs (even 25's for concentration curls!)
    Lying tricep extensions - from 15 to 20 lbs
    Chest flys - 20 to a whopping 30lbs during meso 3 week 3!
    Chest press - 25 to 35 (dumbells)

    I have noticed increase size and shape - not bulky but athletic. My husband affectionately refers to me as his "man-wife" and I love it! Best of all I feel great! Thank you Cathe and SNM you are my "guilty-me-time-pleasure" every day!
    It has been great to share and read everyone's experiences. I really look forward to checking these forums....Okay the endorphins are making me gush...
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  4. jolene_hajj Cathlete

    Jul 29, 2008
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    I absolutely LOVED STS and just started a six-month rotation this week. Every mesocycle is different and I love each one for different reasons. Every single workout, every single exercise, every single rep is absolutely challenging. I love every last bit of STS - it's absolutely brilliant.

    Okay, enough gushing ;-) As for results, I didn't measure, and I probably should have, but I lost a few pounds, which was an added bonus because my goal was really definition and tone - both of which I got. Every body part looks better and more defined and my triceps (my most HATED body part) are starting to improve, which is a huge feat! I feel a hell of a lot stronger, and I think I have dropped a pants size as well - I've always been an 8 through and through and am now a 6 in most pants. Must go shopping ;-)

    ...and I can't wait for STS Shock Cardio to add to the mix!!
  5. Stebby Cathlete

    Dec 31, 1999
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    Like Sandra, I finished Disk 36 this morning! I didn't change my eating. My weight is about the same, but my body composition has definitely changed as I can fit into a size lower in pants. My strength is dramatically higher. As an example, prior to STS, it was a struggle for me to bench press 50 lb. Now I can bench press 90 lb. I think I just never pushed myself hard enough before, and it's amazing what can be achieved if you push your limits - I never thought my strength gains would be this dramatic.

    I'm very pleased with the program and would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their appearance and strength.

  6. spyrosmom Cathlete

    Jul 30, 2006
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    Here's mine, copied and pasted from a prev post. I finished on 05/08/09

    I finished the 3.5 month rotation on Fri. Here are my results. My eating was a bit out of whack on Meso 2, but was pretty much on track for 1 & 3. I was HUNGRY in 2.

    Weight -10.5 lbs
    Neck -.4 in
    Biceps + 1.2 in
    Chest -1.6 in
    Waist -3.1 in
    Hips - 1 in
    Thigh -1.1 in
    Calf - .4 in


    STS works!!! Everything is sucked up and in and I look and feel wonderful. I'm going to do Pyramids next, then come back to the 6.5 month rotation.

    None of my clothes fit right anymore, though. What used to be my booty jeans are now saggy butt jeans:cool: Cathe, can I borrow a credit card?:p I need to hit the store!

  7. patchworkpenguin Cathlete

    Jul 19, 2008
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    I finished the 3.5 month rotation of STS last Wed. I haven't been consistant with my weight work since March of 08 when I finished P90x, but I started up again a few months before STS actually came out to get the best results I could {and so STS wouldn't kill me outright:D}. I did the most of the 1RM used in the workouts since I wasn't confident about what to lift. I found I had been underestimating what I could lift, mostly, I believe out of fear of injury. I made a commiment to do the Extended stretch after every workout and only missed once, the following day I regretted it because I was very sore, and made sure I didn't miss again.

    I didn't like the warmups. I felt they were too short, boringly repeditive, and disliked that the guys just used the cycles, especially for arm workouts. {Hubby did Meso 1 with me so I was worried about his reaction}. I didn't notice they were off-beat.

    I found that I liked the structured program; no thinking required on my part :p, just stick in the next workout. I would definatly like to do the program again, also trying the Undulating rotation for variety, or just using one Meso on its own. {endless possibilites ;)} I liked that Cathe divided the program into the three styles of weightwork, not only to mix things up but to make sure that we work all of our muscles in different ways. I have tried this myself in the past and gotten confused and given up.

    I did fell worn out a lot. I wasn't able to add in as much cardio as I expected, mainly because I was just tired. I don't know whether this was me, personally, or the program took so much out of me.

    Meso 1: Although it didn't seem like it at the time this Meso was the most fun for me. I dislike workouts that keep the HR up all the time, and I felt rushed during each workout, but the newness and variety of exercises kept me excited and coming back for more. I felt the most drained in this meso. I liked the push/pull method, rotating the exercises rather than the traditional Cathe way of doing all chest, then all shoulders. Having the arms workouts back to back didn't bother me because of my schedule.

    Meso 2: This Meso seemed the most like the other Cathe workouts I have and have tried. I liked that Cathe switched out the body parts each meso, but would have been happier if the whole system had included Legs and another body part to switch off with. I enjoyed the drop sets and double wave loading methods, and was happy they were included to challenge us.

    Meso 3: {otherwide known as 'hit by a truck Meso'}. I dislike being sore and I do everything possible to keep from being sore {backing off on weights to extra stretching} and I was rarely truly sore but this Meso I felt tired and worn out. I hadn't truely experienced 'heavy' lifting until this Meso, I like the results but found the workouts long and tedious, the long rests adding to this. I understand the rests make our work easier and more effective but I felt I needed to 'do' something {dusting maybe? Yes, I really did:D}. I was hoping for more variety in the exercises in this Meso and after trying Plyo Legs once went with the squat rack legs. Since I don't have a rack or spotter I wasn't able to go to my full potential with the exercises but did use a 20lb weighted belt {two ankle weights} to add to the total weights lifted. Again I liked the push/pull method.

    The only times I was able to catch the repeat footage was when Cathe said something specific, such as "Robert and Cedie have decided to switch weights", I knew it was there but I wasn't looking for it either, preferring to think of each workout as 'new'.

    I did make strength gains, such as going from a 5lb db to a 10lb db for seated lateral raises. I can feel more muscle thoughout my body, especailly my stablizers. which I feel haven't been worked as much before STS. My bicep is solid and about twice as wide as it used to be. I am happy with the changes in my body, and proud of what I have accomplished by finishing STS. If I had paid more attention to my eating I'm sure I would have had better results, but eating is something I struggle with constantly. I feel better about myself and my body, even if I didn't lose any weight; I can tell I have gained muscle and that is a good thing; and my goal.

    I'm sure this is way more information than anyone wanted to know, and further, I'll probably be back with ETA's as I think of other things. If you are still reading, or even skimming, thanks!
  8. TpaGirl Cathlete

    Dec 22, 2008
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    I got what I put into it.

    I completed the first round of STS (3.5 mos cycle) two weeks ago. Last week was my final recovery week. I didn't lose any weight or inches. I actually gained 2lbs. I'm sure it was somehow my fault though. I was injured throughout the entire program, so I was not able to run like I usually do (marathoner). Anyways, I didn't change my eating to make up for the lack of running, so I'm sure it was me. However, I did make noticeable strength gains, and I slept great every night. Meso 3 was by far my favorite. I loved lifting heavy weights. I don't have a barbell, so I was limited to my vest and dumbbells, but I found creative ways to add weight to my vest when needed. I'm sure my results would have been even better if I was not limited in my poundage.

    I have started another round of STS. This time I'm doing the 6 mos rotation. I'm running again, and I got a go wear fit to keep my calories on track. Hopefully, I will meet my goal this time around. I'm also adding plyo legs to my weekly workout instead of waiting until Meso 3 to do it.

    STS is by far the best program I've ever done at home. The closest gym to my house is 40 miles away round trip. This makes me feel like I'm doing something without ever setting foot in a weight room.

    Thank you CATHE!!!!!!!!!!
  9. chiara Cathlete

    Sep 12, 2007
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    Ciao a tutti,
    for me is a little bit difficoult to explain, But I had a great result with this programme and next week I will start it again. I'm stronger and my muscle are more defined. I could clear my diet more but in dispite of it STS worked the same. I agree with the other ladies, it is great.
    I'm looking forward for STS cardio.
  10. mwilliamson3 New Member

    Feb 3, 2009
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    First time for everything..!

    Here's my first post..ever...I guess it is just that important that I have some way to thank Cathe..
    Wow...that's really how I feel at the moment...
    To go back a bit, I gave birth to my second daughter on March 12th..so I couldn't start STS at the time that I wanted...I just sort of stared at it in my workout room...hand extended...tears...:)
    I have been using Cathe videos since the birth of my first daughter in 2005...and for me, it has proven highly effective...so much so that I was in good enough shape to begin STS just ONE WEEK after I gave birth (now...please...if you don't work out and don't have very detailed conversations with your OB throughout your pergnancy about safety and health following the birth of a child, please DO NOT follow my lead...this was something that we knew I wanted and I worked very hard throughout my pregnancy to ensure lower abdominal fitness and readiness).
    Nonetheless..I was still 30 pounds above my pre-baby weight and I looked like someone had blown up a grenade inside my abdomen. I couldn't do a single pull-up because my abs were so blown out (didn't know how much I needed my gut to pull myself up!!), I could only do 8 push-ups and just really lost a lot of muscle.
    I am now about to finish the second mesocycle. I have lost all but 6 pounds of the pregnancy weight...my measures are only a half an inch larger around my hips, stomach and biceps from where they were a year ago...I can do 10 pull-ups...yes 10! My abdominal region has flattened...the definition is totally visible again in all upper and lower body regions. I am so happy...and relieved to have done this program.
    Additionally, my next door neighbor who is a hard-core cyclist has joined me. If you've ever seen cyclists, you'll notice mammouth leg definition and puny upper bodies...welp, that's her! WAS her anyway...she's also improved her upper body strength, going from "pull-what's???" and "pull-why-bothers!"to completing 4 easily.
    So grateful to have found Cathe just by clicking around on cable TV!
    If anyone wants to see a picture, please just go to my facebook page and look at the album "Happy Birthday to Grace!" The photo was taken this past May 10th. If anyone can tell me an easy way to upload it here, I will.
    Thank you so much!
    Manda Williamson
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  11. jackier Cathlete

    Dec 31, 1999
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    A little background...I'm 51 and more of a cardio junkie. I've done Cathe's videos and belonged to a gym for the past 10 years. I would occasionally do weight work, but mostly would either take step, kickboxing, and/or spin classes. Several years ago I started to run and enter half marathons and 10 mile races. I have hired personal trainers to do *leg* weight work and I think it helped me avoid injuries with my cardio, but it was once a week and when my 6 week sessions were up, I wouldn't continue it on my own.

    I decided to get serious about weight work when STS came out. The women in my family tend to accumulate weight around the middle, and my middle was really starting to spread. ICK! I knew if I increased my muscle mass that it would help with that. Sooo even though I'm rotationally challenged, I have a love/hate relationship with any kind of structure, I was committed to doing this program.

    When I started the program, I was so surprised at how weak I had become. I really took it easy at first, because if I started to dread the workouts, I knew I wouldn't do it. I kind of did the 1rm, but didn't pay attention to it. I just did the exercises so that they were challenging in Meso 1. By Meso 2, I was getting stronger, and I started pushing myself more. By Meso 3, I was EAGER to do the workouts. I could not wait to train. My strength gains were amazing. I did NOT want this mesocycle to end. My body started to change by the end of mesocycle 1. I was starting to see the thickness in my middle change. By Meso 2, I was seeing the curve of my ribs. By Meso 3, I saw hip bones!! I was doing my usual cardio, just adding the weight workouts. I've never had to diet, but I knew my eating habits had gotten bad. So I just ate less and cut out alot of sugar. So all of this was without *clean eating*. I know if I did better with the diet part, my body would be SMOKING.

    I just started STS again. Meso 1 is still HARD, but I'm completing alot more of the exercises. I'm trying to eat cleaner, but it's really hard. I'm just so thrilled with how my body composition is changing. What's interesting to me is that I have a bunch of women friends from the gym, one is even an instructor, that are around my age who have noticed that they are having a harder time keeping in shape. And I think it's because they do very little weight work, and ALOT of cardio.

    Cathe, thank you for such a great, motivating weight workout. Can't wait for STS cardio!
  12. kryptychyck Cathlete

    Apr 30, 2007
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    Posting a bit early...very long, but I am excited here.


    I have one more disc to do (either today or tomorrow) but I wanted to post here because I could see a change about 2 weeks ago.

    I did not take measurements nor did I step on the scale - I don't own a scale, but I am wishing I did take measurements now.

    I cleaned up my diet even more during meso 3 and found that eating very clean really made a difference in workout performance. I also stepped up the cardio this last week.

    My clothes are baggy on me now. I can pull several pairs of pants off without unbuttoning them. I was walking down the stairs of the parking garage this morning and the pants I am wearing today were falling down past my hips hahah! I am going to need to get safety pins until I can get out and buy new stuff.

    My dad noticed 2 weeks ago that I looked slimmer. He said you can definitely see the muscle definition in my arms and legs. I am thrilled at the changes - I am tigher and toned. just before I fell asleep last night, I laid my head on my arm and felt my bicep. I immediately sat up and flexed it - WOW!!!! It GREW!!!! I love that peak at the top too!! How exciting!

    My legs are getting cut - you should see the diamonds in my thighs!!! They are in the inner thigh and on the quad. I have a great tear drop and the outer thigh is clearly defined. It looks like there are some layers there. My thighs look like they have 3 sections of muscle and another small patch on top of the quad. My calves are getting angular. My abs are starting to show. My hips are slimmer. My butt looks AWESOME!!!! I have that space between the hamstring and the butt now AND my butt is tight and round. NICE! Speaking of hamstring - you can see where that muscle stops and starts in relation to my knee and butt.

    My shoulders grew - which is great since I have nice curvy hips and they are balanced by the shoulders now. My chest is getting cut along the collarbone. My triceps are showing. My back is getting that nice V-taper and I think I have reduced some of my back fat.

    Now that was the cosmetic side of the results. Internally - I feel lean. I feel stronger than ever. I feel accomplished and ready for anything. My energy level is up, up, up. I bust right through stress. Everything is vastly improved. I am really proud of myself for not only doing this workout, but giving it 100% and pushing myself past my limits. When I wanted to stop, I said - no just do one more.

    I can do push ups on the toes - no sweat. I worked up to 30 in a row with ease during meso 3. I was doing them for a warm up on the upper body days. I take the workouts to the gym so I don't get to do Cathe's warm up. I made up my own.

    I also liked the fact that I sleep really well at night. I liked that I was wiped out after a workout. It was hard to get the cardio in on the off days. I added cardio as much as I could and took the rest when I felt like I was dead in the legs (lactic acid build up for sure).

    I am so happy about the changes I see because it motivates me to go for another round after the rest week next week. I have to re-test a few exercises. I posted a thread to see what people where doing about that. I am going to retest a few of them next week (yes I know that is the off week). I kept pretty good notes on my workout sheets so I will have to look through and make my adjustments and use the WM to calculate new RMs here and there.

    I am going to repeat the 3.5 month rotation. I have a few goals:

    1. Step up the cardio on the of days.
    2. Implement more core training.
    3. Vary my workouts by adding pilates and yoga on off days/cardio days. I just bought a pilates dvd and a yoga dvd.
    4. Reduce break times for some of the workouts. I lifted very heavy and worked to failure in many cases during the workout, but I recover quickly. In some cases, the break was too long for me. I am going to make the next round more cardio focused since my overall goal now is to burn off the fat. I build muscle very easily and I would like to lean/shred a bit more now.

    After that rotation, I am thinking about doing an integrated meso 1, 2, 3 workout where I mix them up...I need to think about that some more though. I also thought I sw something from a previous poster on this...

    Thanks Cathe for making such a great workout. I am really thrilled and I can't wait to do it again with my new goals. I love the way that you can build and customize this workout. It is a complete success.

    Congratulations to everyone who completed or is currently working on completing the workout.

    For those who have not yet tried STS - I strongly recommend the investment. You will have a catalog of workouts and exercises that are tried and true as well as timeless. STS can be customized and used for the rest of your life and you will only kee getting stronger and better and better.
  13. BlakKat Cathlete

    Feb 25, 2008
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    STS Rocks!!!

    I absolutely LOVE STS! Every single aspect of it. I wish I had measured myself. I have dropped down 2 sizes - I've always been an 8 - now I'm a 4! I ate mostly clean during the week & cheated a little on weekends. I followed the 3 1/2 month rotation with cardio on the off days (elliptical & karate classes). My fave bodypart now is my arms-especially shoulders & my abs - they both got the most ripped! My only area that I need to work more on is my thighs-they did shrink, but not totally firm. I just think for my bodytype I need to add a 2nd day in so next time I may add Butts & Gutts to the mix. I feel tiny but strong & athletic. I have the most definition ever in my life & my husband & I are loving it!!! He is soooo jealous - he is going to start now. We went on vacation after & I got a lot of stares & compliments! I just turned 42, but feel & look in my 20's - I can't thank you enough Cathe! After the week off, I re-did my 1-reps & now started the 6 1/2 month rotation this week! It's still just as tough & just as fun as it was the 1st time around. I know you said to only do this intense w/o 2x a year, but I can't imagine ever doing anything else. Thank you again Cathe for continuing to keep pushing us and encouraging us to work for the bodies we deserve - you totally rock!!!
  14. john_and_am Member

    Jul 17, 2007
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    I'm going to be 42 this June and my wife is 36. The wifey and I noticed huge results! We both fit in our clothes better. We both feel so much stronger. It's not subtle either. After using the STS program, the Bowflex is no longer a challenge. My muscles are really toned and more prominent than ever before. I didn't want to gain mass or get bulky, so I kept track of the weight I was using.

    We've had tremendous amounts of energy and feel great. I lost about 5 pounds during the workout. Since 2005 or so, using the Bowflex and Cathe workouts, I dropped 15 pounds and I'm maintaining muscle. I seem be staying at the weight I'm at now. My wife wants to lose a little more, but she's doing well. The program worked perfectly. Cathe thank you so very much! I always recommend Cathe's workouts now.
  15. dthomforde Member

    Jul 5, 2008
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    Is this Me?

    I have some powerful definition in my arms, upper torso. In fact, several people have commented on my arms (sleeveless weather). I did not notice a lot of change in my legs/lower body. I think that I gained mass in bottom half, so for the next round, I think I'm going to change up the leg routine (use only plyo legs, butts and guts, gym style). I don't use the scale much to measure progress but the way my clothes fit. I'm still the same size, a size 8, but pants are a little snug on me through the thigh area where they didn't used to be before I started STS. No big deal. Like I said, I'll do more of the other tapes for legs, plus add slightly more cardio. Otherwise, STS kicked butt and I got noticeable results!!!! I truly hope their is an STS Strength II in the very near future!
    Last edited: May 22, 2009
  16. worseenemy Cathlete

    Apr 22, 2008
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    Hi Grace?
    I wanted to see your pictures, but I can't find them....
  17. jbliff Cathlete

    Dec 2, 2007
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    I finished my 3.5 months rotation at the end of April. I gained a ton of definition, endurance and strength, and lost about 1" off my waist, hips and thighs. Since I wrapped up my rotation I've gone back to workouts that used to be challenging and can now pretty much breeze through them. I'm lifting way heavier than I ever did before STS, and have so much more energy. And for the icing on the cake, I can now do chinups, which I always thought I would never be able to do.

    So, in summary, STS rocks for me. I can't wait until STS Cardio comes out!
  18. mwilliamson3 New Member

    Feb 3, 2009
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    Sorry-I'm Manda Williamson...the title of the album must've thrown you--Grace is my daughter...it's her birthday album that my pics are in...I'm listed as Manda Williamson in Facebook.
  19. marnapril Cathlete

    Mar 27, 2009
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    i've lost 10 lbs and went down a pants size (from 8 to 6). i am more cut, defined and STRONGER than ever.

    I LOVE STS!!!!!!
  20. plarsen Cathlete

    Feb 18, 2008
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    Absolutely loved STS. Just finished today. I have more definition and strength at any time in my life, even when I was a gymnast. During STS I lost 18 pounds, but was also on a very strict nutrition program. I still have four weeks left of the 12 week nutrition program, but am very happy with the results so far. I loved the feeling of lifting those heavy weights. I just wish I would have had the rack so I could have upped the bench press. I was only able to safely "roll" the barbell up at 76 pounds, but think I could have gone a lot heavier. I increased my weights on every exercise. I am thrilled with STS and cannot wait to start the 6 month rotation. I just did the 3 this first time.

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