Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 5/15

Good morning,

Today I did a 40 minute Cardio Coach treadmill workout, it was tough but felt good getting back into it.

Lots of stuff on my To Do list, trying to check them off one by one, before we have to go to my brother's for dinner. It's still raining here, off and on, so gardening is a bust. I really wanted to finish weeding and mulching this weekend.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.
Still raining here too Deb. we are having the coldest wettest spring on record. It's beet alomst 200 days since we hit 70 degrees. hope I didn't mention that in last weeks thread. just dismal. most people are giving up on tomatoes and other warm weather crops. If they're not growing well by now there's not enough time.

we are going east to try to get away from rain and maybe get some biking or hiking . If the weather is better I won't be back until wed. we have a 5 day "weekend" but it's raining everywhere. I'd planned to get a bunch of yard work in also but no way.
Hi Deb, Josie, Joan, and Valerie--

This morning I did Rockin' Models (70 min.).

Same story here--rain, rain, and more rain. I was hoping for a couple nice days while my friend was here, but it doesn't look good. Guess we'll have to come up with other entertainment than a hike up Pine Cobble or Mount Greylock.

DH and I are going out for dinner tonight at (guess!) Mezze's. They have these lovely "comfort Sunday" meals, with 20 dollars for 2 courses and 25 dollars for 3. Excellent food for the money, and plenty for me to eat.

Awful night sleeping last night because we could hear a fisher cat and DH has two groups of chickens. They make a sound like a baby crying. Of course, Max is also barking, but we don't want to let him out because of all the bad stuff we have heard about these nasty predators. Dh went out with his gun about 3:30. He is going to sleep elsewhere tonight, so I don't have to wake up, too.
Good morning,

I just finished KCM's Conditioning workout, and I used Cathe's weighted gloves with 1/2 weights. Not too bad. I like this one a lot. Still raining here off and on, and the prediction for the week is guess what? RAIN. ugh.

Valerie, most people here have not even planted vegs yet, so you have a lot of time left. Have a good trip!

Garance, those fisher cats sound nasty. Are the chickens locked up in a barn or something where they cannot get them? I did not open your link, believe it or not, my virus software gave me this big warning when I clicked on the link, so I thought I should pass. I am sure it was safe, but I don't want to chance anything, after the 2 sessions I have had. How was the dinner?
Pray for
Hi Deb, Josie, Joan, and Valerie--

This morning I did KCM's TLC, both workouts with 1 lb gloves (60 min.). Of the two workouts, I prefer the boxing one, and I love the final 8-punch workout to the Calypso music.

Deb, yes, take care if you get a virus warning. If you are curious about fisher cats, just google it. Lots of pictures, some videos, and the sound they make. We are getting off-and-on rain here as well--for the next several days. Darn!

I have several students showing up this afternoon for conferences on their papers, which are due tomorrow. And, they have had the topics for 6 weeks! I just plain find this irritating. I will try to be nice, but I don't feel very nice.

I need a new canister vacuum. I have 2 uprights, but I need one that I can do stairs and get under things. I've been thinking about the cordless stick vacuums, which are battery run and seem so light. Any recs??
Good morning,

This morning I did the Upper Body split from KCM, new series. Whew, this one is tough if you want to go heavy. I like it, but at the 35 minute mark, I can't wait for it to be over.

Garance, did you get you Ebay package? I have the boxing one on schedule for tomorrow. No ideas on the canister vacuum. I have my Mom's who had it for years before she passed away which was in 1974, so you know how old it is. The guy at the vacuum store wanted to buy it from me! They don't make them like that any more.

Hi Deb and any later posters--

This morning I did both of the split sessions for upper and lower body by KCM (60 min.).

Deb, how heavy do you go on the upper body? I tried using 15s the first time I did this workout and decided that it was too heavy. So I start with 12s, and I am down to 10s on the second groups of bicep curls, and down to 8s when I do some of the shoulder work.

Looking forward to seeing my friend from San Diego tonight. We will have to come up with something exciting to do tomorrow. Wanted to hike, but the weather is too soggy.

Joan and Josie--are you slacking? Fess up.
Well I have been slacking. Only walking so far this week.

I haven't been posting because my computer got a virus. Just got computer back a few minutes ago. My computer expert said the last time he saw this virus he lost all data on computer but he was able to find an antivirus software that worked this time.

Good morning,

Decided not to get up early this morning, made it a rest day. Lower back is twinging a little from the workout yesterday. Still raining here. Anyone have an arc? I have 2 animals I can drag on board.

Garance, I start out the upper body split with 12's, for chest and back, then go to 10's then by the time she is doing the second round of bicep curls, I am at 8's. I think I am going to sub regular dead lifts for those "good mornings" she does.

Joan, was it a malware virus? Nasty, nasty stuff. What brand of anti-virus did you get?

Hi to Josie, and Cathy ( where are you?),

Take care,
Hi Ladies,

I have not been able to workout so far this week. It has been raining and since we workout at the track, it is cancelled if it rains. On Saturday I went spinning and did zumba right after, and Sunday I walked 6.5 miles from the Venice Pier to the Santa Monica Pier.
It was a beautiful day and I did not want to be cooped up in a sweaty gym.

I will be back later. Have to get back to work.

I'm back but limited time right now. I thought of a fisher but I never heard it called a fisher cat. we call them fishers, period. they were trapped out here and have been re-introduced in some areas, the Olympic mts for one. we have more pine martens, smaller and lighter color, in the mountains. they are really cute and very curious. but no one is trying to raise anything in the areas they live so no conflicts. they were trapped for their fur.

I did another STS disk and we've been hiking and mt biking and I also got a bad headcold. yuck. I can't believe all the stuff we've done in a little over a week. i'll get back and caught up tomorrow.
Good morning,

No workout today, slept horribly. I think this weather is getting everyone down. I want to see some sunshine. Maybe this weekend, I can only hope.

Take care,
Kaspersky Internet Security is the antivirus software.

I failed my two tests yesterday. I have gallstones and my gallbladder is only functioning at 9%. I will have to have it removed. Oh joy.

I really wish I could have surgery before we go to Disney World because I am limited to what I can eat without pain.

Hi Deb, Josie, Joan, and Valerie--

I did not work out on Wednesday because my friend did not get into Albany until 1:30 A.M., and we did not get to bed until 3. Then, this morning I had to drive her to Rensselaer Amtrack for her train to NYC. We had a very nice visit, but I am totally exhausted. Tomorrow I will do something to end the week.

The sun looks like it is finally coming out here, but it has been oscillating drizzle, downpour for the last 5 days. Blech! My friend and I did some shopping, lunching, and cooking together. Reminds me of grad school days when we were roommates. I also made her a Sidecar (a very tasty drink!).

Finally, this afternoon, I will do some paper grading. I am hoping to do 5 a day (at least!) and finiish by next Thursday. 14 of these papers are LOOOONG (20 pages each). I certainly hope they are good, so I don't start crying in my beer (just an expression--I don't drink beer).

Joan, my bil had his gall bladder out one day and was home the next. He was in major pain when my sil brought him in. Are you in any pain?

Deb, you should skip the good mornings if they twinge your back. I don't especially like them either. I know what you mean about the weather. I just didn't want to get up this morning, because it was raining all night.

I should have known, Josie, that you were not slacking.

Hi Valerie!
Now I'm in head cold recovery.... Wow, do I get wiped out. can't sleep and most meds help so little and maybe clear your head in one way, and make it foggier in another.

We did pretty tough mt biking on tuesday. about 4 hours. Really lovely, and a new area for us. it was before I got real congested. yesterday was the worst, today is better but still feel crummy. Went to yoga this morning and am doing garden wok , since we finally have some sun and relatively warm temps. must be 70 out there today and nice yesterday too. but we PAID with months of rain. I am skipping cardio til I can breath better. The cold really ticks me off, probably related to flying and touching contaminated surfaces etc.

Actually, we need to get out plants planted NOW, this is late.... we don't get as warm as many places, and so it takes longer to grow. DH & I did a bunch this morning. tomatoes, corn, carrots etc. we grow a lot of stuff and some years are better than others. last yr we got zero tomatoes, and this is acting a lot like 2010.

Good luck on the gb, Joan. mostly they do a tiny incision and you are pretty good in a day or two. I think they need "permission" to make a bigger incision in case it's warranted, but most people get by with a couple tiny holes that heal quickly. but I still have that "part" as does DH so no personal experience.

I dont' remember what's in a sidecar... gin & something? I haven't had hard stuff in ages but I do like an occasional beer. In the summer after a long hike... a cold beer...a GOOD one... is heaven. I don't waste the calories on Budweiser and the like ... dark, flavorful beer. Good with mexican food also although it's tough to decide between a beer and a margarita.
Still suffering with the cold symptoms. probably the last unpleasant night. really ruins my sleep when I get awakened constantly for nose blowing etc. still no cardio today. will try to do another STS disk, I'm on about #22. still feel pretty down without any decent sleep.

Just got a cathe flyer in the mail advertising the low impact series. I guess I wasn't paying much attention the last month or two.... anyone preordered these? a series of 10 disks? but nowhere to look and see what they will be like? I intensely dislike anything dance-like and am wondering what these would be like.
Hey Valerie,

Lots of threads on the new low impact series, and the presale is unbeliveably cheap, $99.99 I think for all ten, if you get the deluxe set which included the spin bike one. It's almost a no brainer, even if you don't have or will never have a spin bike, you get free shipping if over $99 or something like that. I figure I can not open the spin bike one and sell it on Ebay.

Go to the "New workout" forum, or better yet, I put a link below that has all described... I like the fact that they are all low impact, even if there is a step one, I want the other stuff. There is a barre one, where you can use the Tower, and others that sounded good.

Hope this works>>>>

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