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Belinda I am sorry this week has started tough. I am glad you are getting your workouts in. We do have nice walking areas. I used to walk the paths back through the trees by our neighborhood stream, but my husband thought it was not safe and then I kept hearing reports of snakes and stuff and decided not to do it anymore. It was always quiet there. It is just a dirt path made by other people going back there and some go along the water and fish once in awhile. It is not a specially made path.
Hi Diane Sue and Doreen,

DH and I walked outside this morning. Got over 7000 steps in, not bad. I also did D2 of the Yoga Challenge, it was core/arems.

Diane Sue - thank you!! We do have snakes too. I always let DH walk in front of me :) His eye are better than mine. You can never be to carful. We also have a lot of black bear sighting. That's another one we have to watch out for. Be careful when you walk.

That's it for me today. See you all tomorrow. I have a dental appointment with my dentist about the tooth the other surgeon wanted to pull. If my dentist wants me to pull that tooth I will have a second 3D image done and get another option from another dentist.
Today I did Cathe Live Fit Tower Cardio Legs, 63 minutes, 313 calories, met 4.5, heart rate average 105, max 141, 1,728 steps. This one had a mix of barre, weights, cardio and isolation that they did at the end. My legs were on fire :) That is it. I need to clean house and bathe the dog. My grandson is coming over to mow and take care of my morning glory planter in front. They are creeping out into the driveway and the neighbors drive. It is needed care badly.

Belinda, nice amount of steps on the walk today. I hope the dentist appointment goes well for you so you don't have to have a second opinion.
Good job on your workouts ladies!! Mine this morning was from instagram again. 50 mintues - full body. I can't find the link thought because I have been saving them to evernote. She posts every day but I only do her full body workouts - not the other splits - they just seem too brutal!

Diane Sue - did you get your Cathe Live figured out on your Roku? I think there is a separate Cathe Live app you use if you only subscribe to Live and not on demand but I could be wrong.
Doreen, yes I got the app working. They were very helpful. All I could find was instructions for the On Demand and my Roku set that one up with a code (which I did not need for live) Then it told me my account had expired and to renew it. I had just paid for Cathe Live. Anyway, they finally gave me the instructions that worked for me on the Live and Demand forums where I had asked the question. I printed them up just in case I need them again. It is nice having them all there and I can look for specific categories like low impact, barre, fit tower etc. It is much easier than it was before.
Good morning,

JS Sole Sculpt + walk is done.

Diane Sue - I hope the appointment goes well too today. No matter what, I will get a second option before I pull my teeth out, lol.

Gotta run. I will be back later.
Today I did Cathe Live Advanced Step Choreography, 51 minutes, heart rate average 145, max 182, 355 calories, 4,681 steps. I took my grandson to a day camp this morning and will be picking him up this afternoon. I had to run errands so am lucky I got in a late workout :) I would like to do Kelly's new toning workout tomorrow and maybe add some cardio. I will have to see how much time I can squeeze out before taking my grandson to camp again. I may be helping my daughter out tomorrow afternoon.

Belinda, good luck with the appointment today. Keeping your teeth should be priority.
My dentist said I made a wise decision not getting that tooth pulled. He can not see a crack in that tooth. And always you can see a cracked tooth with a 3D image/ X - rays. He said, I seen patients who got 3 - 4 teeth pulled and they still had pain. He said it could be neurological? As long as, I don't have an infection I should be ok. The pain comes and goes. Weird! I am glad, my dentist agreed with my decision instead of sticking up for the other dentist.

I think, when I had the root canal done 4 years ago...I still have a active nerve .Sometimes they can't reach that far from my understanding. I just have to suck it up :)
Belinda- That's good that the second opinion was better news.

Diane Sue- you are making me want to get Cathe Live again!! I loved that Live Step class!
This morning I did Lean Body Circuits workout 1 and then 15 minutes of workout 2 for 45 min total. It was already 75 degrees outstide at 6 am when I was working out. I was so sweaty just because of the weather!
Good morning,

JS Floor Barre + stretch is done.

Doreen - I am glad I got a second opinion too. Now it makes me wonder if the other dentist just wanted to get some $$ out of me. Nice job this morning.

Diane Sue - have a great workout today.

Have a great workout,everyone.
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Today I did Cathe Live Low Impact Cardio Hiit, 36 minutes, met 5.9, 232 calories, 2,703 steps, average heart rate 136, max 174. I used 5# dumbbells. I then did Coffey Fit Raw upper sculpt/ lower tone, 52 minutes, heart rate average 110, max 152, 258 calories, met 4.5, 1,347 steps. This used 3# dumbbells and the site says 10# each leg ankle weights but Kelly says she has 8 on each when she started so that is what I used. She does say later that they could be 10#. I think 8 was enough. This was rounds of boxing moves with dumbbells and leg moves standing and later to the floor. Obviously no jumping. It was pretty active throughout though. I am sure I will feel it. She puts the 3's down during the final punching and squat combo. Total time was 88 minutes, calories burned 484 calories.

Belinda, that is good news. I am glad that you went for a second opinion too. I have had those that I am sure were wanting to make some money as well. I am glad that I have a dentist that I really trust now.

Doreen, when I saw that the choreography in the step class was stuff from her other workouts and would be familiar I went for it. Not too complicated at all and was fun :)
Today I did Cathe Live Low Impact Cardio plus Upper, 60 minutes (53 actual), 331 calories, 2,808 steps, heart rate average 123, max 166. I liked that this was cardio first then moves to the floor after a break with mountain climbers and plank lunges switch. At 26 minutes it is upper weights. I then did Live Time saver Step Grooves which was fun and not tons of impact, 36 minutes, 227 calories, 3,331 steps, average heart rate 143, max 183, met 5.8. Total time 96 minutes, 558 calories.
Upper weights (I was unsure of Cathe's weights since hers are different colors and she only mentions 10# on the orange ones during the core)
overhead press 15# dbs 16 reps second round 12 reps
deadlift/upright row 12# dbs
rear delt flys 10# dbs (I think this was 3 sets?)
lateral raise 1 arm both arms 1 arm 8# dbs first round 5's second as Cathe changes the format
hammer curl 15# dbs 8 reps; sweeper curls 15# dbs 8 reps; traditional curl 12# dbs 8 reps; reverse curl 12# dbs 8 reps Repeat
push up wide 8 reps, close 4 reps repeat
pullovers 15# db first time , chest flys 15# dbs, pullover 15# dbs
Core Upper
15# db pullover move to reach toe
russian twist 10# db
elbow on floor reach toward toe one side then the other then alternate
leg shooters 16 reps
plank down up toe tap in
plank hold

Today I did JS dance and yoga.

Diane Sue - I do trust my dentist. He is amazing dentist. He is the one who too me in right away when I broke that tooth in the fist place.

Doreen - wow, on your workout at the park today. Looks great.

I will be back tomorrow.
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Today I did a Sarah Beth hot and sweaty workout from youtube. I did not crank up the heat or go outside so it was not really a sweaty workout. I just wanted some yoga and I had the fan on :)

Belinda, I am glad that your dentist is one that you can trust.
Hi everyone,

DH and I took a long walk with our other dog Chu Chu. I also did the 21 Day Yoga Challenge Arms and abs.

Diane Sue - I am glad I found my dentist. I will check that workout out on YT. Good job!

That's it for me today.
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Today I did Cathe Live Fit Tower Total Body with Weights, 59 minutes(55 actual), heart rate 95-140, met 4.0, 260 calories, 878 steps. I then did Cathe Live Quick Fix Cardio, 33 minutes, met 6.0, 218 calories, 2,397 steps, heart rate average 132, max 161. Total time 92 minutes, calories burned 478. I liked the Quick Fix Cardio but finally got rid of the mat after catching my feet in in several times. Thankfully a lot of it was not using the mat. suggested weights were 5, 8, 10# and high step platform.
Fit Tower Total Body with Weights
single leg press 12# dumbbell
deadlift 15# dbs
high and tight
tower level 4 dips/triceps press down with band and tower superset
level 3 tower push ups 16 reps, drop to level 2 16 reps, drop to level 1 16 reps
level 8 tower
on toes heels together shallow/deep repeat
15# crossback lunge
biceps (upper)
chin ups 15 reps, sweeper curls 15# dbs second set chin ups , W curls 15# dbs
pull ups 8 reps 3 sets
band t-pulls, band Y pulls
10 chin ups
lower with upper 12's or 10's
12# dbs lateral raise step outs
10# dbs push press
curl push press 10# dbs 3 reps
lunge lateral raise 8# then singles repeat shorter set
chest, shoulders, triceps
flys with leg left 15# dbs
triceps push ups
Abs-band over Fit tower crunch/leg lift; oblique pulls; over under at level 3, heel on bar leg raise toe out; plank toe tap on level 3, plank knee out level 3, plank hold
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