Happy Birthday Cathe!!!!

I won't be home tomorrow morning to wish you a very special birthday so thought I'd pop on tonight. Hope it's filled with lots of fun and laughter. I think you need to knock out your years in push ups! :D

Cathe, Have a wonderful day...I will be thinking of you while attempting some cardio through DOMS - thanks to GS Legs workout today (in a good way of course lol!) Thank for being a tremendous part of my fitness journey. I wish you much happiness for your _ _ year!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cathe! I hope your day is filled with love and joy! You are such a huge inspiration to me. I wish you the very best!
Happy Birthday Cathe! Thanks for always putting yourself out there, keeping it safe and interesting, and never forgetting that we're in this journey together. May we all grow in years and wisdom and strength together. Have a marvelous day, and remember, birthday cake has no calories if eaten ON your birthday!(my fairy godmother told me that;^D)
A card for your B-day:

This is Murray,

Murray loves to be treated, pampered, and be the center of attention.

so....on your birthday,
Eat, Drink, and "Be Murray"

Have a happy one! :)
Happy Birthday Cathe!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for all you do!! I hope I'm still working out with you for many years to come. Stay healthy, stay strong!

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