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About Me

  • About tygra
    Where I Live
    Wisconsin ,USA
    Where I work out most often
    Why I love doing Cathe Workouts
    Awesome results, help me continue my non-smoking habit (can not do Cathe and smoke! )
    How I found out about Cathe Workouts
    Collage catalog
    When I began doing Cathe Workouts
  • Signature
    Have a great day!

    "What you do to one side, you do to the other" ~Cathe, Imax 2

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My Success Story

My Success Story
I have always worked out, but in spring of 2006 I decided to try Cathe workouts when I saw her listed as advanced in Collage catalog. Little did I know, I was not as advanced as I thought I was!! I was doing Taebo Live Advanced and the Firms and smoked about or more than a pack a day. My first Cathe workout I bought was Imax 3 Tried it - boy I remember how my legs burned at night and during the workout thinking she was crazy!! Then I added more and more Cathe workouts as the more I read about her, and the more workouts I tried, the more I loved her workouts. I still couldn't complete Imax 3 though. So in July of that year I vowed to quit smoking so I could conquer the Imax 3 scare. Glad to say I did it and smoke free since July 31st of 2006. Also, now I can do Imax 3 blasts only. One of my favorites is the Ajock mish mosh of Imax 3 blasts only, Step Blast blasts only, Imax 2 blasts only and Bootcamp cardio only. Can't wait for STS!

My Workout DVDs

My Cathe DVDs :
  • Body Max 2
  • Butts & Guts
  • Cardio Fusion
  • Drill Max
  • Hardcore Series: Core Max
  • Hardcore Series: Gym Style Chest & Triceps
  • Hardcore Series: Gym Style Legs DVD
  • Hardcore Series: Gym Style: Back, Shoulders & Bice
  • Hardcore Series: Hardcore Extreme Interval Circuit
  • Hardcore Series: Hardcore Extreme Hi/Lo Intervals
  • Hardcore Series: Hardcore Extreme Interval Blast +
  • Hardcore Series: High Step Challenge
  • Hardcore Series: Imax 3
  • Hardcore Series: Kick Max
  • Hardcore Series: Low Max
  • Hardcore Series: Muscle Max
  • Hardcore Series: Stretch Max
  • Body Blast Series: Kick, Punch & Crunch
  • Body Blast Series: Legs & Glutes
  • Body Blast Series: Step, Jump & Pump
  • Body Blast Series: Step Blast
  • High Step Circuit
  • High Step Training
  • Body Blast Series: Supersets
  • Body Blast Series: Push Pull
  • Intensity Series: Boot Camp
  • Intensity Series:Muscle Endurance
  • Intensity Series: Imax 2
  • Intensity Series: Cardio & Weights
  • Intensity Series: Pyramid Upper Body
  • Intensity Series: Pyramid Lower Body
  • Terminator: The Viper
  • Terminator: The Gauntlet
  • Terminator: Imax Xtreme
  • Ab Hits - 12 Ab Routines
  • The Classics Volume : Step Jam
  • The Classics Volume 1:Step Heat
  • The Classics Volume : Step Max
  • Power Hour
  • Maximum Intensity Strength
  • Body Max
  • Pure Strength Series: Strong Legs & Abs
  • Pure Strength Series: Back, Biceps & Abs
  • Pure Strength Series: Chest, Shoulders &Triceps
  • Rhythmic Step
  • Imax
  • Maximum Intensity Cardio
  • Slow & Heavy 3 Workout Set: Legs & Shoulders
  • Slow & Heavy 3 Workout Set: Chest & Back
  • Slow & Heavy 3 Workout Set: Triceps & Biceps
  • Cross Train Xpress: 10-10-10
  • Cross Train Xpress: Leaner Legs
  • Cross Train Xpress: All Step
  • Cross Train Xpress: Kickbox
  • Cross Train Xpress: Step & Inrevals
  • Cross Train Xpress: Power Circuit
  • Cardio Hits: Power Max
  • Cardio Hits: Step Works
  • Cardio Hits: Step fit
  • Cardio Kicks
  • Circuit Max
  • 4 Day Split Cardio + Weights: Higher Intensity Ste
  • 4 Day Split Cardio + Weights: Lower Intensity Step
  • 4 Day Split Cardio + Weights: Boot Camp
  • 4 Day Split Cardio + Weights: Kickbox
Other Workout DVDs :
Cardio Coach, Amy Bento, Tracey Staehle, KCM, Christi Taylor, Taebo, Firm and others

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