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  • Ultimate Fitness Bootcamp Circuit David Kirsh + 10-minute solution Michelle Dozois. (I added high intensity Intervals). I replaced squats& lunges w knee-friendly moves.
    Warm up only from MIS + Margaret Richard TV shows 1614-16 Lower Body segs w 4lb ankle weights+The Firm Core Cardio 1 47m (no Treadmill)
    Cathe Rock Bottoms (instead of squats&lunges I did standing leg work w 2lb ankle weights) matwork: I used 4lb ankle weights ouch!
    + I want those Abs Tamilee Webb 15m+ Hi-Lo Choreography Advanced Gay Gasper/Treadmill 3.5 35m
    Crunch Master Blaster 2 pt 1 cardio Tracy York + pt 2 Upper Body w Billy Blanks (lots of unique moves for arms, lots of reps @ low weight)Treadmill 3.5 35m + Abs of Steel 2000 Tamilee Webb,Donna Richardson&Tracy York (I did only 15m of the ab section cause hubby arrived with a whopper junior for me. oops!)
    Killer Floor Upper Body section only with Mindy Mylrea she does 30+ reps or so I did 2 sets of 12 and added body parts.
    "Step n Stones Two" Circuit & Awt! Gay Gasper 55m but I did 90 minutes because I rewound and led my mom through Strengthwork with a yellow band. Gay does 2 5m Strength segments w band & 2 5m segments with dumbells. Each step section is 7 mins. No abs
    Cathe Gym Style Chest & Triceps + Andre Houle Best of Step/Step Journey 46m (I used 2 risers per side & lvl 8 incline on Treadmill for 1m segs) + 7m of Abs from Athletic Power & Potential Andre
    Cathe Gym Style Back, Shoulders & Biceps 60m +Abs of Steel The Tamilee Collection Quick Toning pt 3 +
    Hi-Lo Choreography Variations Gay Gasper /Treadmill 35m at 3.5 (heel pain) varying speeds
    Wu KV Streamline Fitness + Upper Body w Gay Gasper (she does 1 set, I did 2&3)+Abs Steel The Tamilee Collection pt2 10m+ Breakthru Cardio Step 50m I alternated with Treadmill 3.5 & 4.0 and rebounder.
    Wow- sounds like a fun mix!
    Lucia A
    Lucia A
    It is!, I do 1 min intervals or sometimes 30 seconds. The rebounder is easy but high intensity.
    I get tired of too much stepping. Even though Breakthru are Great!
    Hopefully this Thursday when I see a knee specialist I can get rid of the knee discomfort.
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