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    April 2019 Rotation

    Thank you kindly Cathe, much appreciated as always!!! :)
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    I like that idea.
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    Floorwork DVD

    I would agree with that as well, floorwork would be a nice mix up.
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    Agility Series

    I also thought about an agility series similar to Drill Max. I just saw a commercial with Serena Williams in it and she was doing some kind of agility drills for it and I though it would be cool to have something like that as well.
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    Kickbox Series

    Just putting a vote in for some kind of kickbox series as I love kickbox/boxing workouts. I know Cathe has mentioned how much she loves them too so that type of series would be done right coming from Cathe.
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    Step update please

    I asked about it right before Lite shipped as I am excited about new step workouts. There were no details at the time but would love to hear about the details and pre-order so I can get mine in.
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    New Step Workouts

    Good Evening Cathe and All, I know you all are wrapping up the Lite series and still have alot to do. I know this may be premature to ask but just wanted to see if there was a timeframe to pre-order the new step workouts that Cathe had mentioned back when she began talking about the Lite...
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    Live Request: "You Can Do Anything For A Minute" Live - The Sequel!

    I agree with you Lisa and also think it is time for another Fit Tower class as well! :D
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    Fav live Class

    Good Afternoon Cathletes, So this question may have been asked before but since we just celebrated 200 awesome Cathe live classes just wanted to see what some of your favorites are. For me pretty much all of the KB or boxing classes have been awesome. I also like alot of the total body...
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    So excited...order placed - anyone else?

    Thanks for the clarification Aqua Girl, makes complete sense. I will go ahead and pre-order the DVD's b/c I've had technical issues from time to time where having the DVD will be beneficial to pop into the player.
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    So excited...order placed - anyone else?

    Can someone refresh my memory. I am an OnDemand subscriber and feel like when this came out it was said that you would not have to pay for pre-orders being an OnDemand subscriber. Is this still the case or am I making this up? Do you still pay for the DVD's if this is the case? Sorry I don't...
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    Future Step. So happy ❤️

    OH YEAH, this is awesome news. If you can help it Cathe, don't ever stop doing step workouts. Yours are the best by far! :D
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    ICE 2...Who's In?

    Can't remember if I mentioned this before but if there could be actual music in this series versus a bunch of instrumentals that would be great.
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    ICE 2...Who's In?

    I am fine with whatever Cathe puts out, but would like to see more exercises with the fitness loop and a good step workout would be nice too. I typically like the longer workouts because I sit most of the day at work and try to make up for that. Fun music as in the sing-a-longs would be nice...
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    March 2018 Rotation

    I was thinking the same thing, lots of awesome music ahead this month. I know the music doesn't make a difference to most but it really helps me get into the workout more. There are time when I notice that if the music is lack luster then the workout seems longer for me. Keep the good music...