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About Me

  • About crm549
    Where I Live
    Maryland ,USA
    Where I work out most often
    Why I love doing Cathe Workouts
    The Challenge and The Fun!!!
    How I found out about Cathe Workouts
    FIRM forums
    When I began doing Cathe Workouts
    Some month in 2005
    System Administrator
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My Success Story

My Success Story
I am still here and I am still working out.


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Posted 07-02-2009 at 06:54 AM Comments 0
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Wednesday July 1: Cathe Power Hour - 60
Thursday July 2: Cathe Rhythmic Step - 60
Friday July 3: Rest
Saturday July 4: Cathe High Step Challenge - 68
Sunday July 5: 3 Mile Outdoor Run - Weather permitting

Monday July 6: FitPrime Weights First - 58
Tuesday July 7: FitPrime Core First - 58
Wednesday July 8: FitPrime Up and Down - 60
Thursday July 9: Treadmill...

Posted 06-29-2009 at 11:28 AM Comments 0
Posted in Uncategorized
It wasn't great but my Sunday morning run was much better than the last couple I did. I still need to work on my speed but I didn't feel sluggish or like I was running in slow motion.
I took about 40 seconds off my time.

Posted 06-28-2009 at 04:53 PM Comments 0
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Last week's workouts.

Monday - Cathe Circuit Max. This is not may favorite Cathe Circuit workout. I like the cardio but was not crazy about the sculpting or weight work. This was only my second time doing this workout and it felt off. I think it was the sequencing of the weight work which seemed out of balance to me.

Tuesday - Bosu Cardio Fusion with Rob Glick. I am glad that I am almost done with these Bosu workouts although I like this better than some of the others....

Posted 06-25-2009 at 09:01 PM Comments 0
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That was the theme for today. EB. EB being Egglands Best, Eat Better, Exercise Better.

Today I took the train up to New York to join Cathe as she annouced her new partnership with Egglands Best.

It was a very nice event. The only hiccup was I arrived too early - 9:15am and had to leave. So I went walking around New York City and then I couldn't find my way back. I so don't have any good directional sense. As I was looking down at the sheet of paper that...

Posted 06-22-2009 at 06:46 PM Comments 0
Posted in Uncategorized
The weekend that is. Where does it go? I spent most of Saturday shopping. I was looking for a workout outfit for the upcoming Cathe Eggland trip. Didn't really find what I was looking for though. I settled on a pair of athletic pants (not really the yoga style pants but similiar) and a coordinating top.

It rained heavily Saturday morning and then the rest of the day was just gorgeous. And Sunday morning was a good day for a run. It wasn't humid and it was a nice temperature....
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Oh I love the Fall!....
Posted 09-17-2008 at 07:22 AM by crm549 crm549 is offline
I ran around 8-ish on...
Posted 09-17-2008 at 01:54 AM by RunninTeach RunninTeach is offline
Wow, that is very annoying!...
Posted 09-07-2008 at 11:38 AM by Boingo1 Boingo1 is online now
What fun and YES! motivating...
Posted 08-19-2008 at 06:47 PM by Boingo1 Boingo1 is online now
Have a great time Saundra!...
Posted 08-19-2008 at 02:52 PM by pussycat pussycat is offline

My Workout DVDs

My Cathe DVDs :
  • Body Max 2
  • Butts & Guts
  • Cardio Fusion
  • Drill Max
  • Low Impact Circuit
  • Hardcore Series: Core Max
  • Hardcore Series: Gym Style Chest & Triceps
  • Hardcore Series: Gym Style Legs DVD
  • Hardcore Series: Gym Style: Back, Shoulders & Bice
  • Hardcore Series: High Step Challenge
  • Hardcore Series: Imax 3
  • Hardcore Series: Kick Max
  • Hardcore Series: Low Max
  • Hardcore Series: Muscle Max
  • Hardcore Series: Stretch Max
  • Low Impact Step
  • Total Body Sculpting
  • Total Body Stretching
  • Basic Step
  • Body Fusion
  • Upper Body Sculpt
  • Lower Body Sculpt
  • Stability Ball Abs
  • Body Blast Series: Kick, Punch & Crunch
  • Body Blast Series: Legs & Glutes
  • Body Blast Series: Step, Jump & Pump
  • Body Blast Series: Step Blast
  • High Step Circuit
  • High Step Training
  • Body Blast Series: Supersets
  • Body Blast Series: Push Pull
  • Intensity Series: Boot Camp
  • Intensity Series:Muscle Endurance
  • Intensity Series: Imax 2
  • Intensity Series: Cardio & Weights
  • Intensity Series: Pyramid Upper Body
  • Intensity Series: Pyramid Lower Body
  • The Classics Volume : Step Jam
  • The Classics Volume 1:Step Heat
  • The Classics Volume : Step Max
  • Power Hour
  • Maximum Intensity Strength
  • Body Max
  • Pure Strength Series: Strong Legs & Abs
  • Pure Strength Series: Back, Biceps & Abs
  • Pure Strength Series: Chest, Shoulders &Triceps
  • Rhythmic Step
  • Imax
  • Maximum Intensity Cardio
  • Slow & Heavy 3 Workout Set: Legs & Shoulders
  • Slow & Heavy 3 Workout Set: Chest & Back
  • Slow & Heavy 3 Workout Set: Triceps & Biceps
  • Cross Train Xpress: 10-10-10
  • Cross Train Xpress: Leaner Legs
  • Cross Train Xpress: All Step
  • Cross Train Xpress: Kickbox
  • Cross Train Xpress: Step & Inrevals
  • Cross Train Xpress: Power Circuit
  • Cardio Hits: Power Max
  • Cardio Hits: Step Works
  • Cardio Hits: Step fit
  • Cardio Kicks
  • Circuit Max
  • 4 Day Split Cardio + Weights: Higher Intensity Ste
  • 4 Day Split Cardio + Weights: Lower Intensity Step
  • 4 Day Split Cardio + Weights: Boot Camp
  • 4 Day Split Cardio + Weights: Kickbox
  • Cross Train Xpress: All Abs
  • Cross Train Xpress: Upper Body Split
Other Workout DVDs :
All the FIRM workouts except for Ballroom Aerobics. All Amy Bento workouts except for Absolute Beginner Kettlebell. Several CIA workouts, 10 Minutes Solutions, Crunch, Patrick Goudeau, Coffeyfit, FitbyTracey, The Method, Core Rhythms

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