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About Me

  • About Boingo1
    Where I Live
    Massachusetts ,USA
    Where I work out most often
    Why I love doing Cathe Workouts
    I love that I'm challenged each and every time. I love Cathe and her team's enthusiasm and encouragement.
    How I found out about Cathe Workouts
    When I started working out and getting healthy in 2002, I started with step workouts: Kathy Smith, Kathy Kaehler, Gin Miller. As I progressed, I was always looking for more difficult step workouts. ..And BAM!..found Cathe one day, and was HOOKED!
    When I began doing Cathe Workouts
    Working OUT and anything that has anything remotely to do with working OUT and
    My 3 boys!!
    Hemetology/Oncology RN
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My Success Story

My Success Story
I started in 2002, after having my last baby in 2001. I was turning 40 in 2003 and did NOT want to have baby weight from 3 pregnancies AND turn 40 together! So I started Weight Watchers in July of 2002, and 3 months later started up with working out. After about 15 months, I lost 95 lbs, reached my goal, and had found out that I was an exercise addict! Can not live without my workouts, they are a big priority on my list of "things to do", just like eating, breathing and sleeping....


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Posted 10-07-2008 at 07:49 AM Comments 0
Posted in Uncategorized
Monday.... I love that it was finally Monday for many reasons, but I was pooped . And irritible. Ugh. I hate the way I feel on Mondays.

The weekend was filled with turmoil. First , 7 year old Jake, was diagnosed with Pneumonia!! THAT is why he wasn't getting better and the fever wouldn't go away all week. Poor kiddo! It took lots of running around and waiting around on Saturday to figure this out. I felt so horrible I had to go to work on Saturday night

Posted 10-03-2008 at 02:22 PM Comments 0
Posted in Uncategorized
I'm having a weird week. With Jake home sick, my day is totally thrown. And it would be easy enough to take him with me on errands, except that he's sick, and it's too much for him. *sigh*

I am able to do my workouts, thankfully! (Otherwise, I'd be psycho!).... So on Thursday was a cardio day on rotation, so I did Cardio Fusion! Good sweaty fun workout. Though it might have been too much, because I started getting a headache DURING the workout. It did go away after I stopped.

Posted 10-02-2008 at 07:46 AM Comments 0
Posted in Uncategorized
Tuesday went pretty well, even with a few kinks thrown into it. First kink: My 7 year old came down with a high fever Monday afternoon, continued into Tuesday. He stayed home from school. Kink #2: I had to take my mom to a doctor's appt. Unfortunately, my DH , who stayed up all night at work, had to hang out downstairs with Jake while I took off about 10am. He mostly dozed (my DH), while Jake layed on the couch and watched TV. I also had to cram in my workout early, since I didn't know when I'd...

Posted 09-30-2008 at 05:37 PM Comments 1
Posted in Uncategorized
It's been a few days without a journal. Not because I've been "bad", but I just never got it all typed out. Friday was spot ON. Saturday was a little "off" (blew it at work, but not horribly), Sunday, my scheduled "off" day was better off than usual. So all in all, not a bad eating weekend. I got through work. My toe throbbed at the end of the shift, but 12 hours in an upright position pretty much gives me swollen lower legs anyhow. Thus the throbbing. I floated to...

Posted 09-25-2008 at 11:05 AM Comments 1
Posted in Uncategorized
Wednesday, Wednesday....Went by so quickly! As all days tend to do lately.

I had a daunting workout ahead of me in the morning: Butts & Guts in it's entirety. I've not done the entire thing in a long time. Plus I was unsure of what my toe could do. So I just dove in head first. I figured what I couldn't do, i wouldn't. I did a LOT of it. In fact, I did ALL of it, except the one legged lunges with your back toe on the step (ouch!). My lower body was sore from the week for
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Posted 03-28-2009 at 01:06 PM by Boingo1 Boingo1 is offline
Well, I hope you are...
Posted 03-28-2009 at 11:06 AM by morningstar morningstar is offline
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My Workout DVDs

My Cathe DVDs :
  • Body Max 2
  • Butts & Guts
  • Cardio Fusion
  • Drill Max
  • Low Impact Circuit
  • Hardcore Series: Core Max
  • Hardcore Series: Gym Style Chest & Triceps
  • Hardcore Series: Gym Style Legs DVD
  • Hardcore Series: Gym Style: Back, Shoulders & Bice
  • Hardcore Series: Hardcore Extreme Interval Circuit
  • Hardcore Series: Hardcore Extreme Hi/Lo Intervals
  • Hardcore Series: Hardcore Extreme Interval Blast +
  • Hardcore Series: High Step Challenge
  • Hardcore Series: Imax 3
  • Hardcore Series: Kick Max
  • Hardcore Series: Low Max
  • Hardcore Series: Muscle Max
  • Low Impact Step
  • Body Blast Series: Kick, Punch & Crunch
  • Body Blast Series: Legs & Glutes
  • Body Blast Series: Step, Jump & Pump
  • Body Blast Series: Step Blast
  • High Step Circuit
  • High Step Training
  • Body Blast Series: Timesaver Step, Chest & Triceps
  • Body Blast Series: Timesaver Step, Hi/Lo, Back & C
  • Body Blast Series: Timesaver Step, Biceps, Core
  • Body Blast Series: Timesaver Kickbox & Shoulders
  • Body Blast Series: Timesaver Leg Work
  • Intensity Series: Boot Camp
  • Intensity Series:Muscle Endurance
  • Intensity Series: Imax 2
  • Intensity Series: Cardio & Weights
  • Intensity Series: Pyramid Upper Body
  • Intensity Series: Pyramid Lower Body
  • Ab Hits - 12 Ab Routines
  • Power Hour
  • Maximum Intensity Strength
  • Body Max
  • Pure Strength Series: Strong Legs & Abs
  • Pure Strength Series: Back, Biceps & Abs
  • Pure Strength Series: Chest, Shoulders &Triceps
  • Rhythmic Step
  • Imax
  • Maximum Intensity Cardio
  • Slow & Heavy 3 Workout Set: Legs & Shoulders
  • Slow & Heavy 3 Workout Set: Chest & Back
  • Slow & Heavy 3 Workout Set: Triceps & Biceps
  • Cardio Kicks
  • Circuit Max
  • 4 Day Split Cardio + Weights: Higher Intensity Ste
  • 4 Day Split Cardio + Weights: Lower Intensity Step
  • 4 Day Split Cardio + Weights: Boot Camp
  • 4 Day Split Cardio + Weights: Kickbox
Other Workout DVDs :
Ones that I currently use (I own many I don't): 1. The entire Turbo Jam Series 2. Gin Miller 3. Kathy Smith

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