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SUCCESS STORIES Welcome to the Success Story Forum. We are excited to feature your Success Story. If you have experienced a positive change in your life since doing our workouts, or a variety of workouts, we would love to hear about it! It is our hope that these success stories will provide inspiration, motivation, as well as shared enthusiasm for the hard work you do to become a healthier you. Pictures are welcome too.

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04-08-2011 until 05-09-2019
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Send Us Your Success Story

Help us build our community by submitting your success story today. Your motivational story can help to inspire others and we would love to hear about and post your success story so that it may be shared with others. Your story can be about weight loss, strength gains, mental health or any accomplishment that Cathe and her workouts have helped you to achieve. Not only do we want to hear about your successes, but also your challenges and struggles that you had to overcome and/or may still be working on. As way of thanking you for helping us build our site, every entry that meets our minimum requirements will be sent an email confirmation containing a coupon code that may only be used by you and is good for 15% off any of our products sold in our site (coupon good for 60 days. Presale items excluded). If your submission is selected for our “Success Story” spotlight on the home page you will also receive a $100 gift certificate that also may be used at (presale items excluded).

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