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Xer's ~THICK (ick) THursday~

This is a discussion on Xer's ~THICK (ick) THursday~ within the Check-ins & Challenges forums, part of the Cathe Friedrich Fitness Forums category;; Good evening Ladies, Lower Intensity Step is done. I forgot to put on my heart rate monitor. I just took ...

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Old 10-18-2007, 10:34 PM
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Default RE: Xer's ~THICK (ick) THursday~

Good evening Ladies,

Lower Intensity Step is done. I forgot to put on my heart rate monitor. I just took it easy when I felt out of breath. Actually, I thought I did pretty good considering it was my first time with step in over a month. It's a fun one!!!! I really like the combined combos at the end. The last blast didn't seem to get my heart rate up as much as the second blast. The shuffle back and to the front still perplexes me, and Cathe taught it at the road trip. I need to watch that move closely again!!!

Nicole: Please take it easy. You've only got one body! The other ladies have already warned you about the meds. Hopefully, yours won't affect your moods. I wished I lived closer. I would give you my exercise bike!!! Have you looked around for a second hand bike?

Amy-X: Thank you so much for the oatmeal cookies. I plan on baking them this weekend. I'll let you know how it goes. Did you pre-order the new series? Or are you strictly Tony's gal for the next 60 days? Check you out! Doing IMAX3 on your rest day!!!!! Crazy!!!!:7 Oh, I haven't received any emailed pictures lately. Um, just saying.;-)

Jeanette-X: How are you today? Did the little fairies stop over? If so, send them my way when they're finished stacking wood!;-) Yes, wood can be expensive. The homeschooled teen cuts wood during the summer and sells it in the fall. He also grows raspberries (red and golden) in a four greenhouses. This year Whole Foods bought from him.

Traci-X: I can't remember if I told you thank you for explaining the pictures! Thanks! Oh, my! Was Wendell drinking? Phil usually snores after he's been drinking a few or more, or after a hard day of work with little sleep. Drives me up the wall too. I'm sure his good looks keeps you from strangling him though.;-) Hope you get some shut eye tonight! Sorry to hear you're not feeling up to new clients. I know you put your game face on and did a GREAT job!!!!

Tracy-X: Thanks for sharing the benefits of taking a half day off. I'm in awe of you ladies who workout morning and evening!!!

Carol: Why do I keep wanting to put an X after your name? I think it's because you seem so X-like to me!:) I can't wait to hear your review!!! You go girl!!!!

TG: How do you normally like cardio and weight dvds? Regardless, I think you would really, really like this series considering how you enjoy lifting heavy!!!! Your rotation looks sweet to me.:-)

Debra-X: If you think the DMV is bad, have fun with the SS office. Actually, it's only when you need to call the SS office to find a nearby location. The office is pretty easy. When eldest ds lost his card (I found it later), it took about a week to get a new card. He was in the office for less than 10 minutes. Real easy. I'm so glad you got your dvds today! Did you tackle the UPS man and demand to know where he's been all day? }( I didn't forget. I'll get that email out to you soon!

Sandra-X: In 30 minutes, DD3 will be finished!!!! My day 3 is actually really good. Well, that's a lie. The whole darn week and the preceding week are horrendous!!! Especially since my flow takes a break mid-flow. It's like a mini-PMS right in the middle of everything! YUCK! Anyhow, enjoy the time with your parents!!! See you when they leave.:-)

Laurie-XX: Cami is so blessed!!! I can't say that the inhaler is working. However, my coughing hasn't kept me awake at night anymore. That was a pain. At first, I blamed my cough on the Phil turning on the ceiling fan. Drove me crazy! Anyhow, I really think these antibiotics are working. Slowly, but surely. I haven't felt as good as I did today in weeks. Enjoy previewing the dvds!!!

Okay ladies, off to email Debra and get some sleep.

Ballistic Hugs to ALL!

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Old 10-19-2007, 12:23 AM
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Default RE: Xer's ~THICK (ick) THursday~

Happy late evening,
Almost 10 pm here so I can't post a whole lot. Golf class was fun again, better weather. Nice 4some to play with tonite. I did okay too.

Debra, I wish you luck getting your name change stuff taken care of. I just got something in the mail today requesting a certified copy of our marriage certificate for health insurance purposes (DH's new insurance with the Carpenter's Union). I can't remember ever seeing it, so will have to file at the County Recorders. LOL about the priest praying for my swing. He has a great sense of humor and I really enjoy being around him at work. Hopefully, he won't try to give too much advice as that makes it tough for me. I can only retain so much. I looked when I drove in tonite, no wood stacking fairies. Guess I'll have to hit it tomorrow after work. So sorry your massage person is gone. Hope you get someone good. I really miss mine. Looking forward to November 2 when I get a massage/facial. Have had a facial once and LOVED it!

Laurie, glad you got your walk in today. I missed mine. I had 2 long meetings this afternoon so no time for a walk. So nice that you will be seeing your Mom! Oh, the confirmation party is so not exciting me! Guess I'd better get those gloves on and get at it. I'm a big fan of pumpkin too, heck I'm a big fan of autumn and winter celebrations. We are doing a family get together a week from Saturday. Menu will be chili, cornbread (I have a screaming recipe that I do outside in my dutch oven), apple cider and some desserts. My BIL usually brings a smudge pot for all of us to sit around and stay warm. It's an annual event.

Traci, which workout are you doing tomorrow? Are you all enthused again? You have sounded a bit down lately. Hope that has passed. Did TTOM arrive yet? Are you late? My cramps weren't bad at all today and not much bloat going on so that's good. TTOM only lasts a few days for me, then revisits about 23 days later. I'm almost 49 and keep thinking that menopause should be setting in soon.

Anointed, way to go on the planks. I love them, though I haven't done many lately. I think they do more than crunches do. The onion soup sounded yummy. What a treasure that Ted is! Any man that cooks is gold in my book! Sounds like things are really going well in that department. Very happy for you.

Sandra, know you will be busy with your parents. Please check in when you can. Did you make a special cake to celebrate their visit? They will be so impressed I'm sure with your decorating. I sure am!

Wendy, LOL re: I'm turning into my mother! My sister and I joke about how we are too. We used to make fun of some of the things mom does, now we do them ourselves. Are you feeling better? Please take it easy with your lungs while doing the new workouts. I'm so jealous that you have yours already. I need to check my notice and see if they miraculously have already arrived (instead of the due date of next Tuesday). Did you get your mother's paperwork all done?

Nicole, glad you saw the doc. Hoping the anti-inflams help you out. I think Tracy's suggestion for the walking is a good one. Listen to some great music while you stretch the legs in a good heart pumping walk. Walking really clears my head. Think our weather will be nice on Sunday for the ride. A little brisk when we start, but I'll just have to wear the gloves, tights, arm warmer and ear band. I need to bring my camera too.

Swifty, the cookie recipe sounds yummy. I'll have to copy it off and make them soon. Glad no wild animals ran out in front of you today. Want to go on the ride with me on Sunday? I would love to have you come join us!!! A girl can dream, huh? Thanks for the movie description of Into The Wild. No TTOM for you? Glad you will be seeing the doctor about this, though it would be nice not to have periods anymore. I will tell my DH how lucky he is. I think he may just smirk. He does put up with a lot from me, my hobbies all these years. But I'm worth it LOL! We always just stay home in the winter. The only times we've left, we've had someone come over and housesit for us to keep the fire going. I'd like to be free of that someday so we'll have to buy an oil stove. I love asparagus!!! How was the soup? Funny how it makes your pee smell. Why is that? How come nothing else does that?

Tracy, my sister homeschooled all 4 of her kids up thru High School. She's done a fabulous job with them. Personally, I think they needed to be around other kids more and feel the competition for grades. They are all really nice kids, but not motivated at all to continue their education with college. Just my opinion.

DH just went to bed, I think I'll follow suit. Thankfully, he doesn't snore much, just when he's had a bit too much to drink.


***If it were easy, everybody'd do it!***

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