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Good Morning Cheetahville Saturday!

This is a discussion on Good Morning Cheetahville Saturday! within the Check-ins & Challenges forums, part of the Cathe Friedrich Fitness Forums category;; ...

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Old 11-10-2007, 09:12 AM
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Default RE: Good Morning Cheetahville Saturday!

Good Morning all!

Im up with the sun and really did not want to be. I was hoping to be able to sleep in so I could stay up past 9 tonight! I may drink lots of coffee before I go. We will stay past midnight, thats a given and expected (dinner is usually served around 10/11). I know Ill be eating way too much tonight! Not sure what Im going to do today. Maybe a hike. Well see. I wouldnt mind staying home and doing a workout with my Rykas. I guess I never really had an aerobics shoe before. The straddle taps did not bother my knee at all! I was so excited! And they are comfy! If I stay at home, I think Ill do a KB Mish Mosh start with KCM Step Box workout, then do KPCs high intensity drills and combos, and follow up with the Budokon Flow and Flexibility. Long one, but fun.

Wendi Im so glad to hear about your pony! Sounds like truly a great thing for you! I could imagine it would be tough on you when one of your ponies is not treated well. Hope they live up to their reputation. I know what you mean about the look. I even have friends who work out a bit, but not like I do.

Sunny Oh have fun watching DS#1 play his first football game. Dont forget the camera!!! I love watching the kids play.

Linda Under the weather and ran 6 miles and did weights? Wow! Enjoy your lighter day today.

Lori Snow? Wow, it is that time of year, isnt it? Glad you got to sleep in! Enjoy your run!

Lorie enjoy football! Sorry about the cord. I do that so frequently that I made the company give me an extra cord so I could leave it at home. Go Gators!! Sending you good vibes too! You need them! Hope this next week is sooo much better!

Shelly Oh good for you that you got to stay home with DH! Glad you were able to get things done. The last 20 miler, eh? Very exciting!! You make me want to spend some of the saved money on workouts!! I like Kathy Coffee Meyer. I was thinking of her Step Boxing 2 workout.

Carole - Yes DH finally strolled in around 9:30 last night. I was asleep in the big comfy chair. :+ Oh yeah, I love new shoes. I spend the entire first workout, thinking about the fit, the feel, etc. So, Im not really concentrating on the workout. :P

Well, Id better feed the dogs before they bite me. :P Enjoy your day ladies. I still have to pick up a gift for the exchange we do a gift game every year. Not sure what Ill get, but Ill know it when I see it.
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Old 11-10-2007, 10:41 AM
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Default RE: Good Morning Cheetahville Saturday!

Good morning ladies,
I am going to lose my mind this morning. My children(aka the bikcersons) are driving me crazy. For some reason they have been fighting and bickering since they got up. I am not one to yell at my kids, but this morning I may have to give them a piece of my mind. I think after a long workout I will be able to deal with them better(LOL)!

I am going to do the elliptical this morning and then all of gs legs. It should be a good sweaty workout;-)

I woke up with a strong desire to throw clutter out. Do you ladies every get in that mood, where your house drives you nuts and you just want to throw stuff out? It drives my hubby nuts when I get like that}(

Several of you have asked about Mary and how she is doine. Well, I am actually quite worried about her. She is doing pretty well as far as her radiation, but still is fighting this staph infection. They have been maintaing it, but it is still there. The thing I am most worried about is I think she is in a state of depression lately. SHe is sleeping a LOT and she is detaching a bit from her friends. I thought this would happen early on, but she stayed pretty upbeat until now. Anyway, thanks for asking about her.

Wendi, I agree about how wonderful these ladies are. I get a lot of eye rolling as well from my non fitness friends about my constant obsession with food and exercise. It is so comforting to be able to come here and vent and know that most are struggling with the same issues. Congrats on your pony!

Sunnydelite, enjoy the baseball game. How exciting!

Linda, do you have a sick household. My little Mariah had a tummy thing for a few days, but noone else got it. Take a rest day and enjoy it!

Lori, 10 miles! what a great way to start the day. Hope you get it in.

Lori, I love Butts and guts and did the floor work from it yesterday. It does not make me sore though. I usually get sore from the heavier leg workouts. Enjoy the football watching:-)

Shelly, great to have an unexpected day at home. Sounds like you are more than ready for your marthon. What is your goal time for this one? As far as running for me, I have just been enjoying it and not being too competitive. I have been doing a little more weight work lately and less cardio. I am getting some nice upper body definition that I have not had before. Enjoy your day:-)

CArole, You are right about the running and how it is torture training for some and fun for others. I really think that some bodies are more bio mechanically ready for running than others. Whenever I try to up the mileage past 8, I usually get a lot of aches and pains. I have just been enjoying workint out lately instead of making it such a big part of my life that I would dread it sometimes. I think it is called (ahem) balance(LOL)! I find that when I find that balance working out that everything falls into place in other areas of my life. Does that make sense? I am rambling, sorry. Have a great workout and a great Saturday!

Christine, what is this Budokon flow yoga workout? It is good and do I need to add it to my collection. You know that your favorite yoga instructor is going to be in San Ramon in February. He is sometime called Mr Yummypants;-) Come on it would be fun. This will be my 3rd time stalking him(LOL)!

Wow, the bickersons have stopped bickering all of a sudden. I am off to chug green tea and fix breakfast. Have a great day friends!

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Old 11-10-2007, 11:24 AM
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Default RE: Good Morning Cheetahville Saturday!

Susan - I hope Mary gets out of her depression soon! That may help her fight off the infection a little more and help fight the cancer. But goodness knows...I would probaby be depressed, also. That is such sad thing. I hope and pray she gets better. I am glad the "Bickersons" settled down! :) Yesterday, I was wanting to just start throwing things away! I haven't even got out my fall and winter clothes yet! I just want to get rid of a bunch of stuff! Enjoy B&G's and the elliptical! I am not really "sick", just Stuffy, but still functionable ;)

Christine - was probably stupid of me to workout, but...I am just stuffy and sniffly. DH is "sick". Which Ryka's did you get? I have the N-gage Instructors and I love them. Sounds like a good workout planned! I have never done Budokon, but have heard a lot about it. Enjoy! Have fun tonight!

Carole - Your planned workout sounds great! I agree, your floors look wonderful! I tried Amy's step a little while ago and I felt the same way as you during the warmup!

After my last post, I went to give Amy's ASCII a whirl. I was lost in the warmup...but then as the workout went on, I got a little more used to her cueing and did better. I was still tripped up in parts! (a lot of parts! :+ ). I do think I will like it a lot after a few times! I agree with Carole, I am used to Cathe's cueing, breakdowns and moves. It takes me a while to catch on to other's styles and terms! :-( I can't wait to learn it!
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Old 11-10-2007, 12:36 PM
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Default RE: Good Morning Cheetahville Saturday!

Well, my 10 miles turned into 7.5 miles. I got off of the TM (to cold outside) with intentions of doing B&G (thanks Lorie:) ) but when I got off, DS was home and ready to be fed. Oh well...thats that! A 10 mile run is never planned with just happens and when you are already out its so much easier to do it b/c you have to get home. When your on the TM though you can just get off whenever you want and I don't like that!

Lorie** The week is comming to an end! Tomorrow will be better!

Shelly** What a releif! You got paid to stay home:) Im not training for anything. Just want to do what I can, when I have the time and not working. I like to do atleast one long run a week and its always on a day when I know I am going to eat to much. :)

Christine** Yes, it is that time of yr! Snow time! Im not a lover of the winter time but you take the good with the bad, right?

Linda**I hate learning new workouts. Thats one of the reasons I stick to Cathes workouts, they are never hard to catch on. I think I gave away most of my other workouts.

Carole** Enjoy your workout, sounds like a good one:o

Susan** Don't even get me started on kids! My DD had a friend sleep over last night and even though they were good, she is getting on my nerves today. They didn't get up till 12, now they are just sitting around in their p.j's in front of the computer. God forbid they should go outside and do something!

O.k...have to run to the grocery store and get the things we need for supper. We are having steaks, salad, garlic bread and some kind of potatoe, maybe hashbrown cassarole, or twice bakes potatoe!

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Old 11-10-2007, 12:44 PM
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Default RE: Good Morning Cheetahville Saturday!

Susan Sounds like a nice long workout is just what the doc ordered! And yes, I do know the anti-clutter mood. The one where you wake up and the house suddenly looks a mess and nothing but a mini-makeover will do. Mary remains in my prayers. The poor thing, I cannot even imagine what shes going through right now! I like the Budokon Flow and Flexibility workout. Its a kickbox yoga fusion done right, but its very different from anything Ive ever done. You can look at the previews There are three, but this one looked the most doable. Its not that tough actually. But I like the way it literally flows. The original one was horrible but these are what I thought the originals would be.

Linda - I noticed that on Kathy Coffee-Meyers StepBox this morning just trying to get the cues. Her basic is a right, left, tap left, left, right, style that throws me. And in this one, shes on speed, I swear! But its a fun workout that really works ya for 30 minutes. And I remain impressed. I can't run 6 miles with the sniffles, but then again, I'm a whimp. :P

DH and decided to post-pone the trail run to tomorrow to work off the Indian food (should be interesting!). I ended up doing Step Boxing, the High Intensity Drills from KPC, the drills from CK and the yoga session of Budokon Flow and Flexibility. Im feeling good right now.

Edited to add - Lori - you snuck in on me! Sounds like a great meal you have planned! And yes we do have to take the good with the bad! We don't get snow, but the ground shakes occasionally around here. :+

Happy Diwali Everyone! May the Goddess for Fortune bless you in the coming year - don't forget to light candles outside so she can find you tonight to bless you!
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Old 11-10-2007, 08:30 PM
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Default RE: Good Morning Cheetahville Saturday!

Hello Ladies! Im chiming in late tonight. It has been a very busy day. No workout to report, but I did lots of things today. Most importantly I detailed my SUV and DHs truck. It took me 3 hours to do both, but Ive been wanting to do it for a while now. It was such a beautiful day that I wanted to be able to enjoy being outside too.

Yesterday I did so much shopping at Toys R Us. DD is completely finished and DS is halfway there. My niece & nephew are both finished and so is one of my DHs nephews. In all honesty, my kids are the ones I buy the most presents for and spend the most money one. Im sure that is no big shocker.

Wendi What great news on the lease! Im so glad it is working out for you. Dont feel like a slacker with the Xmas shopping, Im an overachiever. :) I also hate being around the crowds any more than I have to.

SunnyD I hope DS did well with his bball game today. I bet you loved watching him play.

Linda - Rest is a smart choice since you and DH are still under the weather. I hope you both start feeling better soon.

Lori 7.5 miles is still good. Snow already? Oh my. I guess most of your year is cold weather isnt it? Dinner sounds delicious.

Wendy I hope your having a great time in Baltimore.

Shelly I hope your dinner party went well.

Susan I go through the decluttering phase too. DH just shakes his head and gives me room to work. :) Im sorry to hear about Mary. I hope she is able to get past the depression. I can only imagine what she must be going through right now.

Hi Lori, Christine, and Carole!
Kristi aka Taekwondo Mom
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