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Damage Control January....Hump Day

This is a discussion on Damage Control January....Hump Day within the Check-ins & Challenges forums, part of the Cathe Friedrich Fitness Forums category;; Back before my attempt at STS 1RM's Diana - sent the spreadsheet to your comcast email assuming it is your ...

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Old 01-07-2009, 07:05 PM
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Back before my attempt at STS 1RM's

Diana - sent the spreadsheet to your comcast email assuming it is your personal address. Now you need to just need to make sure you don't beat me getting them done, huh? LOL !

Wendy - good for you in attempting to workout regardless of being tired. Sometimes you just need to get started - though I am sure if I was working out somewhere else I'd just spend the evening on the 'puter !

Laura - too funny lady ! Yep, I was watching Oprah's show on spirituality when the commercial for tomorrow's show appeared - it's on "se#" and I thought, well, now, don't need to pass that on to our little Laura now, do we ! You have a "fun" workout tonight and you should end up with a good night's sleep !

OK - off to see what is going to happen with my workout today. Enjoy the evening ladies !

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Old 01-07-2009, 08:09 PM
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Hey there peeps.

I drove to the gym for the Power class only to circle the parking lot one time, find no spots and go home. I didn't have time to keep looking for a spot or I'd have been late for the class and they don't let ya in once it starts.
Oh well. I came home and worked out instead. I wasn't getting out of those work out clothes until they were sweaty after all of the pushing it took for me to decide to work out at all tonight! LOL
I wanted something short n sweet and f/b and bells fit the bill (as opposed to traditional weights) so I did the Kettlebell Way Empire State manmaker work out 3 times through. It was killer so of course I loved it!

I watched the premier of 13: Fear is Real. It's the newest reality show. I liked it and will see if I can remember to watch it next week.

Good night girls!
STS 5.5 Month Rotation Graduate: 1/2/11-7/10/11

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Old 01-07-2009, 09:21 PM
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OK - trying again. Just lost my login on this D#*$ computer without DSL.

So like I said just a few minutes ago . . .

Back for a quick drive by (which apparently Wendy has already done at her gym ) to report my workout.

Did the STS 1RM exercises: 5 each of bi's & tri's. Chose the weights pretty well but under did a couple. Pushed hard so we'll see if I have any DOMS in the AM.

Will do a few legs & shoulders in the AM as a bit of a warm up before cardio. Thinking of possibly a run to loosen my legs which are still a bit sore from GS Legs earlier this week.

Okie dokie - nighty night chickadees.

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Old 01-07-2009, 09:40 PM
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Default Bringin' up the rear......again!

Hey all

Been super busy at work and now my house looks like a tornado went thru it. It's painfully obvious when I spend more time at work and less time at home. Tomorrow I WILL be staying home to catch up on sleep and clean. Joy!

I came home and didn't really want to workout....seems like a trend....but noshed on a BIG snack so I felt guilty and did CC#8. I think that is probably the easiest CC for me. Hills aren't too hard on the EXT, but the sprints just slay me. #8 is all hills. Still, it was 6.25 miles and 550 cals., so I'll take it. I needed it too b/c my cals for the day were higher than they should have been but I was HUNGRY!

Wendy - Well, while you were out did ya at least get the wine? It figures that you plan on doing a w/o but can't find a spot.
Good score on the vodka! I gotta have the flavored stuff or it's a no go for me. Maybe I just don't know the right stuff to mix it with.
I haven't done the manmaker part of Empire State yet. That will be the next KB w/o I tackle. Aren't there 3 of them? Which one do you like best?

Di - Hmmmmm - haven't done LM in a while. I'm gonna have to add that in there somewhere soon. I really like it a lot!
So did DH try a KB workout?

Jacque - Would you mind emailing me that spreadsheet too? Pretty please??? I have just written them down on scrap paper for the time being. I just started doing them yesterday so I don't have many done. I plan to start STS as soon as I get it in my hot little hands. I haven't really been doing any kind of rotation since the X b/c I'm eagerly waiting....
You sound a little depressed. Hopefully the sunny weekend will lift your spirits and boost your energy level. The blahs are exhausting. I hear ya though - it's pretty typical here this time of year up north. Can ya send some of that 70's weather thisa way???
I'm hoping I get the Venuto book tomorrow. But, I just realized I have a CEU packet I need to finish soon. I didn't realize my licence was due in March and I need to get that stuff done before I renew. So, Mr. Venuto is gonna have to wait until I can get my homework done. Hopefully I can start to tackle that tomorrow. I'd probably do better if I turned off the TV!

Laura - Oh I love the storms....but NOT at night. We don't get nearly as much wicked weather as you do. I hate losing power! It's such a drag.
I only get to catch the 2nd part of TBL. The family loves NCIS, so we watch that and then I go over to NBC to catch the 2nd half. I didn't see the part with the old guy going hypotensive. He sure did lose a slug of weight though. IA, there were some BIG people on there. I do like their personalities more than last season though, at least as far as I can tell. It's gotta be exhausting being that big. If for no other reason, I would think that after they lose the weight, they would want to keep it off just b/c of the increased energy level. I see that show and think I would love to be a PT. It's gotta be rewarding to help people get healthy.
Have a fun date night tonight.

It's gettin late.....guess I'm gonna hit it early and catch up on some sleep. Nighty night

Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self confidence - Robert Frost
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