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Good afternoon,

When I got to the gym there was a different Zumba instructor so I decided to run on the TM w/CC4. I'm glad I did because people were leaving the class and complaining afterwards. I think this instructor is the Cathe of Zumba I hope to get BBL High & Tight in this afternoon.

Belinda - So sorry the weather is cold in Germany Are your ears causing you pain?

Iris - Boy is your day long . . . I'm still dreaming at 4:30AM. I didn't realize you start work so early. Good luck with the 2 doubles this weekend and enjoy the time inbetween.

Amelia - Have fun at your BBQ this weekend. Does this home have a lake in your backyard?

Lori - Sounds like your boss is the one with the issues. Just lay low until he gets over it. I keep seeing all the new commercials for Mcds new coffee's and so much cheaper then Starbucks but haven't tried yet . . . enjoy

Cookie - I'm just starting a 4 week rotation w/BBL. I like it but it uses more bodyweight so not sure how effective it will be. I hope you feel better. Have fun at your dinner tonight

Helene - Have fun tonight

Trish - Any plans for Mother's Day?

Have a great day
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