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Howdy girls,

No time to check in last night. I had to do work from home and then DH wanted the light off again You would think I'd just move to another room, but I love working from my bed. Maybe because I sit at a desk all day. Who knows! Anyway, this morning's wo was iclimb #25, 40 mins, burned 389 cals. I also did no equipment abs. During lunch I worked shoulders and biceps at the gym. I need to get a leg wo in over the weekend, but not sure if it will be on saturday or sunday or which one yet.

Belinda - ^5s on your CC wo. I am taking a break from Sean just to mix things up a a bit. Still considering purchasing PP. Isn't it silly that I'm so on the fence about it??

Cookie - Our furnace is 40+ years old and I dread the day when it conks out on us. We really should just replace the thing and get a more efficient model but there is always something else that needs replacing or updating. The girls are all better. Nowadays, anytime there is fever, vomit and diarrhea involved, you start to panic. But, thankfully, the are pretty much back to normal. How was your bosu wo? Did you do more of a cardio or strength wo? Yes, saturdays are still crazy. We ended swimiming and have added cooking classes. The girls love it!

Lori - I'll have to look back and see which wo you did yesterday. I need to feel some LB DOMs right about now. Enjoy all of your partying

Iris - Glad mom is feeling better. Have fun tree-trimming!

Deb - What kind of pedometer(?) are you using? My phone has an app that tracks steps, but it doesn't work very well.

Amelia & Helene - Hope you're both well.

Have a great evening everyone!

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