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Good Morning Ladies...

I decided to take a rest day (so far)...I could have either today or tomorrow, but didn't want to get out of bed My mom is doing much better...she's up and about doing housework and such... I'm hoping tonight to put up and decorate their tree.

Belinda- I can't believe that happened at the gym the other day......that's nuts. That could make people really sick as well......

Cookie- I think your sneakers wither in fear of MIC... I would love to be in a bell choir!!! I don't even know of any around here to be honest.... (I play in a brass choir)heehee.... So what kind of sneakers do you wear for workouts? I am so so sorry about your hot water heater ....are you completely out of hot water right now? I'm sure it's the last damn thing you needed right now.............((Hugs))

Helene- I swear the sun came out for a few minutes yesterday morning! I love RS for the music too.....what do you have going on today?

Lori- wtg on DOMS in your buns....Have fun at your party!!!!

Deb- I'm glad you got your extension!! You must be relieved......

Amelia- What are you up to today?? I'm going to try and put a pic of the tree in my profile in a little

Trish- Hellloooooo to you! Glad your shoulder is better

Ok BBL....have a great day!
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