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I finished my workout. I think I may try to get up in the morning and do STS meso 3 week 3 chest and back tomorrow. That way I have one of the workouts out of the way. I need to go out to the trailer and find my extra pillows.
I made brownies and spread melted white chocolate over the top and sprinkled them with nuts. Glad that there a re a lot of people coming to share.
Workout was a free audio kettlebell workout that a friend gave me the link to. I did the 30 minute one. (32 minutes) It was fun, I loved the music which really motivated me. I burned 316 calories. Max Hr was 168
Here is a link If you do this you might want to add a warm up because it starts with jacks and body squats then goes right into the swings.
Afterward I did 2.5 miles on the treadmill for another 35 minutes. and burned 303 calories. I stayed between 4 and 6 mph and added hills. I followed with STS stability ball abs and Kelly Coffey's Muscle Definition abs, then finished with Spinervals Flexible Warrior 3.o yoga for athletes swim segment and a couple of minutes of the cycle segment(down dogs and up dogs) 13 minutes. Total calories burned today was 857 35% fat and 168 Max HR. I stayed in my high end zone for 36 minutes.
I had a Squeaky Gourmet cookbook pumpkin and cranberry cookie before my workout. I was so hungry afterward. I had some left over turkey breast with dijon mustard. At least I won't be starving when everyone comes over I lost weight for some reason. Back down to 116 I guess it is because I increased my cardio and the intensity again. After the ice cream, halloween goodies, and eating out I figured that it would be up.

Lora, enjoy that concert. I haven't read enough reviews on Rev abs to make me want to spend the money. I had such high hopes for it.

Debbie, I knew your mom would love her kitchen. I bet it was so much fun watching her face. Nice workouts.
Diane Sue
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