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Laura** I have no idea what you are talking about regarding the food....but Im wondering the same thing that you are, what is up? When DH and I are out for a drive he always says "Man, whats up with all the young girls and the big boobs! They didn't have them when we were growing up" Personnaly I think its the food!

Diana** Good run yesterday. I felt your pain earlier but I suffered through my workout and I didn't trip over my step. I perfer to run in the morning. Its usually a harder workout but its only one foot in front of the other and I don't have to think When Im doing step...I have to think I would have thought that CTX was a new workout today as well if Cathes tight leggings didn't give it away

As for the trip...I will be living with my sister so money isn't really the concern. The people we are going with are determined to stay in this one town so thats the only option we have when it comes to staying somewhere. They are booking their own stuff and we book ours. WHICH by the BOOKED! A little more then I had planned to spend but whatever. We didn't pay much for our tickets so now we are making up for it

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