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Hi ladies,

I was too tired to w/o this morning. DH was up playing rock band until 11:30. I could still hear it even with the bedroom door closed! He finally came to bed and then proceeded to snore I was probably having a hard time sleeping too because Cody was coming home from seeing the baby girls at 1am. I did get up and talk to him when I heard him drive up.

I ended up doing the first 30 minutes of CC press play on the treadmill yesterday. My heart was actually hurting. Probably because I don't run on a treadmill and had a hard time selecting the hill grade and speed and overdid it a bit on the sprints. Oh well, it was nice to get a run in and I finished it up with weighted ab work.

Wendy-the book I recommended is The Non Runners Guide to Marathon running (something like that). Not only is it a very easy read, but it's also a 16 week marathon training guide that has you running 4 days per week. It talks about goal setting etc. The pain you are describing sounds like sciatica-you poor thing.

Lori-after I posted yesterday I saw your post. IA with Laura, if your making the arrangements have your friends pay up front. It's probably a little late to do that but would hate for you to be stuck with larger vacation bill than what you intended. Good luck getting it all squared away. I love the CTX cardio w/o's. I did one a few weeks ago and it was like doing it for the first time it had been that long since I had done it.

Laura-thanks for the recall list. I read the recalled items on the news and quickly went through my cupboards. I usually have Zone bars on hand as well as peanut butter granola bars etc. Jerod grabs these for after school snacks.

Jacque, Angie, Jen, Shirl and Dee Dee-hope you are all having a stress free day.

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