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Wendy** I know what your addiction to coffee does to you are excused my dear I hope your leg feels better. I also hope that its going from the cheek of your bum and not the cheek in your face That wouldn't be good. Enjoy your workout and Im sure you will be running again tomorrow!

My workout today was 10-10-10 and Imax 3 intervals 6-10 Bit of a different workout but just what I needed. If I have the energy tonight I may do a run...thats if DH is going anywhere...although "the office" comes on tonight, gotta watch that!

BTW, we never did book a house in Fl yet. I am getting very irritated with everyone involved...Im not even sure if they are looking. They think there are tons of homes in Windsor Hills for rent...sure, they are on the website,click on the calender and you got a whole different story! Now I am debating booking the townhouse we found b/c what about if our friends don't get a home in Windsor Hills? Then we just paid double for something that we could have gotten somewhere else! Anyway...waiting for some emails to come back today, hopefully we will get it all straightened out

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