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Today I did a shorter than normal workout. I wanted to get done and spend some time with my granddaughter's who spent the night. I started with 4Day Split High Intensity Step w/up and cardio then did Kelly Coffey's Cardio Sculpt Fitness cardio premix that includes the abs skipping the w/up. Workout was 1 hr and 7 minutes and I burned 477 calories. I had some abdominal pain last night and when I did the ab segent from Kelly's today I think it was from sore upper abs. This is really unusual for me. Feels better now after working out. The abs I have done this week was both segments of Amy's Step Challenge III using a 15# db and tubing, and two time doing Sharon Twombly's Athletic Step Jam abs:0 I really did want to do back and calves today. Maybe I will get them in later, but am watching grandson and the baby

Lora so good to hear from you. I hope when you finally get settled a lot of your stress is gone. Glad to see you are getting your workouts in. I am sure that is a great help. Miss you on here.
Diane Sue
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