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Default RE: May 08 Check in Saturday 24th

Just to report that I completed week 3 of Cathe's May rotation. YAY :7

SJP is done!

I really had fun with this one - it went through so fast and I really did enjoy the hi/lo portions of it also. I guess MIC hi/lo didn't motivate me at all or perhaps I just wasn't in the mood but SJP boy I had FUN! :7

I wore my HRM once again and found my HR in the lower end of my working zone (75%- 85%)and sometimes it actually went below my working zone :/ except for when I did the intensity blasts during the hi/lo area there I went up to 85% HR very briefly.

A big difference to when I run on my TM using CC or iTread's. I definitely get a big 'rush' when I do that type of cardio ;).

I so enjoy feeling how I can push myself until I think I can't go any further and then pass that threshold, its very euphoric. I like that ! Maybe thats why I'm hooked on my runs? :P

I still need to figure out the programs section of my F11, or if I should even bother with it at all; but I like that I can upload my results to the personal trainer section over at polar's website.

[font color=#6666CC] Chris:[/font] Sorry to hear you are not up to snuff; maybe you just need a rest day or two to get to feeling better?

Do you still use your HRM on your runs and if so do you now stay within your working zone, go highter than your working zone or just go by how you feel?

I'm still trying to determine the best route for myself, I've only used my HRM 2x for cardio so I guess I just need to keep testing to see.

[font color=#6666CC] Beth:[/font] Can it be all that smoke from the fires or the stress of being so close to it had an affect on you feeling 'wiped out'?

I tell ya with the new stress of the house situation this past week, dealing with what ifs, kids acting out and PMSing has not helped my over all mood much and just feeling so overwhelmed by it all.

Thank goodness for working out; as during those times my mind doesn't wander at all and I just focus on what my body is doing, better than any CAB at all, granted I don't drink but still :+ lol

Well I'm off to tackle some more stuff I need to purge- why do I feel I am the only one in this household of 5 doing it? Ahhh yes !

Because I AM the only one working on decluttering while the husband sleeps to get ready for another work day and my kids are blatantly not doing what I tell them that must be done - OY VEY!!!

Have a great day all I may just go out for a walk to clear my head lol


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