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Default RE: May 08 Check in Saturday 24th

Hi Kathy :7 and Good Morning to you!

Here we have cloudy skies and light rain coming down but it's expected to clear up as the day progresses.

I did sleep in and getting ready for SJP at the moment as I drink my coffee and scan the forums here.

I didn't get to do CCv6 (Sean's) until 9 pm! x(
But Once I started whoa! At one point Sean asks if we're feeling a little green and oh yes I was lol

Used my HRM for cardio 1st time last night (still need to get used to it and figure out most of the functions0 and according to my HRM I have been doing Level 4s (85-90%) HRZ when I should be staying at level 3s (75-85%)HRZ [font color=#FF3333]+ shrugs & smiles coyly + [/font]

But I felt like going faster anyways I guess it will take some time to get used to it and see how it works for me. :P

One thing that I know about myself is that if I am doing a workout it needs to be hardcore tough or else mentally I feel I didn't do such a great job.

Been that way for ages and this HRM told me last night that I can still slow down and still get a good workout in without killing myself [font color=#FF3333]+ insert maniacal laughter here +[/font]; I'm such a nut :+ I just need to apply how to pull back at times lmao }(

My entire day on Friday was so crazy hectic but I'm glad I stuck to my plan and did my cardio albeit very late for me lol ;)

[font color=#6666CC] Chris:[/font] glad that your mom was sent home and they didn't find any heart problems with her

[font color=#6666CC] Beth:[/font] Has the smoke decreased for you guys yet? Glad you were able to get back home following the back roads ;)

Off to get myself off my rear and get ready for SJP :)

I'll BBL ;-)


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