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Default May 08 Check in Saturday 24th

HI ladies...

Beth: Wow, take care..I hope that they get those fires out before they do anymore damage. Keep safe and I will keep your area in my prayers!!

Chris: So glad to hear that your mom is ok. Totally scary stuff. My dad has all kinds of problems with his heart and stuff. His latest thing was an abdominal aortic abulism (I know I misspelled that!:D )Anyway, with his heart disease and diabetes and being overweight. Oh I just worry about him alot...

Vilma: How is it going? Are you sleeping in today...

Today's workout is going to be Pure Strength Legs and Abs..I didn't get to run yesterday. So, I am going to add something in today. Maybe a cardio section of something or I might run. We'll see how the day goes!!

Have a great day is sunny and beautiful here, Hope your weather is as great!!
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