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Good Afternoon PYGFOers!

Didn't workout this am, so am giong to attempt to do HIS/Shoulders and Core now before I run out of steam.:o

Tess--Okay, I caught what you sleep last night and a bad migraine!x( I took 2 Cafergot (has caffeine) and 1 Anaprox at 5am and I feel good now. Sorry the Imitrex didn't help you!

Vicki--Slow down, girl! You are such a fun mom!! The Cryo procedure was fine. A little uncomfortable during and a little crampy the rest of the day, but not too bad, really.

Laura--Take care of yourself. Is your furlough almost over?

Lara--You also need to slow down. 12 hour work day? Yikes! What do you do that you "play" at work?

Robin--You can run in 30 degree weather in the right clothes. I do not like cold weather, so if I can do it you can too. Unless, of course, if your knee is hurting. Hope you get over your cold soon!

Michelle--I have been doing Cathe's Nov. rotation also, except wasn't able to follow very well last week when felt like &*%$. My ds (20) got on the scale right after eating Thanksgiving dinner. ONly a 20 year old boy would do that!! He has gained 25 lbs. of muscle in the last 2 years since he started working out. He was quite skinny before.

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