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Default RE: ~ * ~ * ~ * GDMT* * Finally Friday ~ * ~ * ~

Hi Again!

Deanie - I didn't lose any weight with the X, just inches (although my eating was far from stellar - I know you're much better than me in that department). You will definitely get more defined with the X. Can you define "ropy" arms? My abs definitely got stronger with Ab Ripper X. It's done 3x a week with all the strength workouts. You can really only see my upper abs. The rest isn't defined on me.

I am quite amazed at how much I'm lifting but I'm sure I will be lifting even more with the X. The X doesn't have any underhand rows from what I remember. His back work is mainly pullups/chinups but they definitely do the job. Tony's work is just heavy although there were one or two exercises like 21s and a couple of others where he does 16 reps. You can check the worksheets. Otherwise, if you pick heavy, you just do 8-10 reps.

Did you get the workouts yet?

Have a great weekend. Talk to you Monday.

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