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Default RE: ~ * ~ * ~ * GDMT* * Finally Friday ~ * ~ * ~

Good morning GMD!

Today was BC and only the first Bi/Tri round. I laid in bed for a while and really had to force myself not to keep hitting snooze.

Deanie - Congrats on your accomplishments. I think we're going to need to see an updated picture of you showing off those muscles. You must be looking an awful lot like Cathe and the crew!! Have a good weekend, I hope the traffic isn't too awful.

Gin - I'm glad your procedure went well. How long before you hear any results? That was nice of those moms to bring you food.

Marcy - You're right, that was a good price for the whole X system. Are you considering getting the X+?

My dh shot a deer last night and drove it home so the kids could see it. Yuck! I don't see what is so fun about it but then again he doesn't get my obsession with watching volleyball either. Ha!

Have a good day.


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