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Good Morning :)

Today was BC for me. Weights first. I love thhis workout!! today I really gave the cardio my all and really enjoyed it. I'm thinking of next week going to 8" for the fast feet drill. I also reached a personal best with biceps (drum roll please......) 20#:7 :7 And now I am looking forward to 2 days off. Since I did week one this week and last, next week I am going to do week 2 and continue from there. I may extend the rotation by a week to get it all in, we'll see.

round 1
tri overhead ext.: 15/20/25/30 (same as cathe)
bi standing hammer curl w/twist: 10/12 (same as cathe)
bi trad. curl pyramid: 15/20#!!!!(all reps:))
round 2
same as cathe for tri
bi crazy 8's: 30 (same as last week, could prob. do 32#, but don't have the means to do it)
round 3
same as Cathe for tri
both bi excersises: 15#(up 3# from last week)
round 4
hanging concentration curls: 20# (for some reason, maybe the angle, these are easy for me)

I was able to keep the same pace as Cahte for all the drills where she "times" us: i.e. suicides. I think next week I will try to increase on my triceps.

Gin~ I'm glad all went well at the dr's. I answered your late night post on yesterdays thread. Is today your rest day? or did you work out? YOu really should get the X.;-)

Marcy/Tracee~ I hope you guys had a great workout today!

We have a Bat Mitzvah to go to this weekend in Jersey (wish there was time to go to Cathes class/club) and a party for my nephew(turning 3) so I will not be checking in this weekend. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!


We are leaving at 1:30, I will try to get back on before we leave:)
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