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Default RE: Weight Watchers for Sat Oct 27th 2007

Man, I wrote this whole post and lost it. Grrr.

Long story short: I'm not sick but Ewan is still snotty (but not feverish). Staying home today. Cleaning house. Blah blah blah.

Short personals (I'd done longer ones that are gone now)

Belinda, hope you enjoyed your workout.

Lori, great job running even though you had some pain. And I wish I had your measurements!

Amelia, congrats on resisting pizza! You know, I own BBC but haven't tried it yet, and now I've got so many new workouts coming I want to try!

Carrie, I guess Ryan is your first child? I've got two boys--Isaac, age 5, and Ewan, age 2.

I didn't get much exercise when preggo with Isaac and gained 50 lbs. With Ewan I worked out regularly for at least the first 6 months (with a pregnancy workout video) and still gained 50 lbs. Both were also kind of big babies and I had extra fluid, so that didn't help.

OK, here's hoping I don't lose this one. I'm going to copy it just in case!

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