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Default RE: Weight Watchers for Sat Oct 27th 2007

Amelia, good job on not eating any junk! You know, sometimes all it takes is that kind of discipline to keep going. Whenever I wanted to drop a couple of pounds, the first day was the hardest. If I got through that day then I could keep going.

Carrie, I didn't do anything when I was preggo:o and I worked out alot prior to getting preggo! I kept running for a little while but I really had to watch my HR. And we tried to get pregnant for so long that I didn't want to risk it. So after a couple of weeks, I stopped altogether and started walking. Then the nerve in my back started acting up and I couldn't even walk without being crippled the next day, soooooo I ended up gaining 50 lbs:o. I think if we have anymore I will keep working out. I say that now but I have also forgotten how sleepy I was in the beginning! HA
I took my measurements right from the get go. But I didn't take pics. I wish now that I had. I have a few pics of myself after I had had him but none in workout clothes. Its hard to do in the beginning but its nice to see how far you came after.

DS is going to be a monkey for Halloween. He even as a banana in his back pocket! As for DD, she doesn't know what she wants to be and i think she is running out of options!There is nothing left uptown.

I just got back from my run and it wasn't a good one. I don't know where these stitches are comming from but its the same ones that I had yesterday! I pushed through then and made it home. Prehaps i will take tomorrow off! Maybe then they will disapppear. This also depends on the weather though. If it calls for rain on Mon, then Ill probably go.
Anyway, a 82 mins run under my belt...not sure whats next. Still sitting in my workout clothes.

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