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Default RE: Weight Watchers for Sat Oct 27th 2007

Good Morning:)

How is everyone? Any plans for the weekend? DH still hasn't decided what he wants to be tonight so I don't think I am going to go anywhere!
I took my measurements today, thinking it had been a month since I took them but its only been since the 7th. I'll post them anyway.

Weight 121.5 (down 2.5 lbs)
Calves-14.5 (same)
Thighs-20.5 (same)
Arms - 10.5 (same)
Chest- 33 (same)
Waist-26 3/4 (down 1/4) LOL
Hips- 34.5 (down 1/2 )
Nothings changed much! LOL Im not expecting big changes anymore anyways.

I guess next week this time I will be just getting home from my first night at work;( Ill be talking like this all week. haha

Today I am going for a run (surprise) and I would like to get the GS ub's in again. Not sure if that is possible b/c we are going to take DS out some time today and have his pics taken in his Halloween costume in some leaves...somewhere! We need to find a nice tree and lots of leaves.

Im gonna see what I missed yesterday!

Didn't miss much. Only cheryl.

Belinda, have fun with your workout!

Cheryl, sounds like you had a good day yesterday! Work settled down a little for ya?

Amelia, did you get that new scale?

Laine, how is Ewan feeling today? How about yourself?

Carrie,Cheryl is right, you WILL be firmed up in no time. Did you use Cathe workouts prior to being preggo?

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