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Default RE: Trying to Fit Yoga in For Tues Oct 23

Hi ladies! Tonight's WO was Ripped to the Core chest (x 2) plus 100 chest presses with the barbell. I added on the abs segment from Streamlined Fitness w/ Karen Voight (those abs always make me sore) and for cardio, I did Low Impact Step, step combos only. I got the DOMS in the Legs that I was looking for from yesterday's WO. :)

Lora-Hope your Walgreens interview went well! What's Vampire Tears comprised of? That is so exciting that you are sore from the new Cathes! I am trying to decide whether or not to do them for my next rotation. I was actually planning to do a Squeeze, Jillian, circuits, Bar Method, and yoga combo rotation.

Have a great night everyone!
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