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Default RE: ***H*A*T*E*** 10/18

Hey you haters! Sorry I've been MIA- been busy and still not feeling 100%. I woke up about 2AM & I didn't think there was anyway I'd be at work today but when I woke up about 5:30 I felt pretty good so I am here. I am a crab today though, LOL!

I had a hair appointment last night so then Jenny and I went and had 2 drinks after that. Chad thought he'd be back in town around 7 but didn't get back until after 9 so I went home and did some cleaning. His grandma is 90 & lives about 1 1/2 hours from her (actually about 15 min from where my sis goes to school) & he is the closest relative so he does a lot for her & is over there at least 2-3 times/month & takes her to all her doctor's appointments... Michele-does this give him more brownie points?!?! :)

I am working until 4 today then going home to do Tone It Up, B&G floor glute work, and BM2 upper body then showering and supposed to be at Chad's around 6-6:30- he is going to feed me! :9

Tomorrow night meeting Tara & Jenny around 4:30 for appetizers & a drink and then will either probably go to Chad's or have him meet us for a little while and grab a bite to eat. Saturday Chad & I may be going to Charleston, IL- EIU is there to watch the homecoming football game, not 100% sure yet- we should figure it out tonight...

I'm already tired thinking about the next few are all my haters doing?
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