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Default RE: Weight Watchers Monday

Hey Girls,

Just finished BM2 Premix Scrammbled eggs again. That one is a toughy and I started to run out of steam near the end. I DID feel really good when I woke but as the day is progressing Im wondering if i didn't get TO much sleep last night. Im starting to feel lazy already! Could have something to do with the weather to.

Laine, have fun shopping. Does DH know that you are going to the mall while he is on the other side of the world! LOL

Amelia, I love baked lays! Sour cream and bacon:9 I haven't bought those in a long time! Have a good workout today!

While DS was awake today I got most of my house work done.I have accomplished alot since I woke at 8, no wonder I am getting lazy. A friend of mine called when I was working out, Im not sure what she wanted cause I didn't answer the phone but when I call her back Im gonna see if I can convince her to come over for a coffee!

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