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Default RE: Weight Watchers Monday

Hey girls

Boy,Im dyslixic today,I keep having to correct my typingx( !! anyhoot,today is PH for my am workout(if my blisters don't bother me) and a walk on the TM at school for my pm workout!

My eating wasn't great over the weekend! My DH and I tend to eat a snack before bedtime in our room and even if it was baked lays,i still shouldn't of eaten itx( x( its almost like I sabotage myself. This morning I feel awful becasue I know better then to eat after dinnerx( I've GOT to get on the ball here and start eating better! I think one thing that will help me is to reduce my cheat day into a cheat meal! It SO HARD to go back to eating better on saturday after fridays cheat meal.

Belinda-High fives on your workout this morning...Great job:-)

Lori-Im glad to hear your feeling better! I read your "offended" post and it sounds like you MIL maybe a little jelous of your weightloss! Don't let any of those comments bother you,if you feel good about yourself then who cares what other people think! I get tired of the remarks from my DM saying"your getting just too small" I just yell at her and say"HELLO,im not small Iam a size 14 for crying out loud"...its very frustrating-I guess compared to my former self Iam smaller,LOL! anyways---glad to hear your feeling better and got some sleep!

Lainie-So,Im guessing you DS's school doesn't have a student car-rider drop off area? I would also have my DD ride the bus if I couldn't drop her off! Have fun at the mall!

Hey to Cheryl,I hope your trip is going well!

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