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Good morning cheetahs

Lorie..sorry about you loosing your post!! I write mine in notepad and then copy and paste for some weird reason...Have a great time at the game! I have been in that rival situation before with football and my DH. Once I went to my parents house to watch the game as it got so bad...

Cathy...LMAO[/img] at your smiley to Shelly yesterday, that poor horse...I am definitely with you on thinking "Chia" with todays thread...Have a good run today.

Judy...don't you just LOVE wood heat! Not much warms you as well as wood. Enjoy your run.

Jackie...good workouts lately. A 10 miler will do very well I bet...:)

Sunny...HI!! glad to hear from you...:)...The circuit workout I did was the power circuits from CTX, BM2 and then Bodymax, it was tough but so fun. Sorry about you having to put off the tri. Swimming would be the toughest one for me.

Cristine...I think that is good about holding off on the real weights til after the half. Sorry about DH...[/img] we are in the same boat.

Shelly...yes, DH did get the entry and half the dining room done but then went duck hunting til sunday...[/img]...can't wait to hear how you did today! I posted my power circuit to Sunny above.

So far the laminate floor looks awesome! Hopefully we will continue when DH gets back from hunting sunday. Today will be kickbox and legs.

Have a great day...:)

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