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Default RE: *** Weight Watchers Sat ***

Hi, everyone - Sounds like some nice workouts and that KenpoX is the name of the game today, at least for Nancy and Mary :)

Lori, snow????? Yech! Double yeck!! Let us know what you decide on for a workout today.

Amelia, the park sounds like a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy it.

I ran 10.5 miles, same route as last Saturday but in 135 minutes. Five minutes faster and finished feeling much stronger than last week. I like that.

I will weigh in this morning. I know I will hate my June 1 stats - I've allowed myself a month worth of excuses while I got my new business rolling, but business is good and I need to get serious again.

It's time!

I'll be back to report in later. Have a great Saturday, everyone!

"You can do anything for one minute. And at this point it's not even a minute!"
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