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Default RE: P90X January Starters-Wednesday!!!

hey ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

today was my favorite *rolls eyes* yogaX

i really dislike wednesdays! lol! (and sundays/fridays???) during recovery week!)

i've been decent on the eating... yesterday i probably ate a bit too much... really just a bit... BUT it was all healthy.... so i'm not beating myself up over it too much! lol! however i do realize i'd have such awesome resluts if i just wouldn't cheat! funny thing is.... once upon a time i was extremely anal about my eating.... not ONE LITTLE MORSEL of badness would pass my lips! nor would one calorie more than i should have...... what's happened to me??? yikes!!!!!!)

cute work out clothes are good for AT LEAST an additional 10-15 calories burned!
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