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Beta 2.4 of the Workout Manager is Now Released

This Memorial Day we’re releasing beta 2.4 of the Workout Manager. This release specifically targets the “Workouts” icon you see located between the “Nutrition” and “STS” icons at the top of the Workout Manager. Now when you click on the “Workouts” icon you will see three choices. 1. Cross Train 2. Weight 3. Cardio The […]

Workout Manager beta 2.1 just released!

We have just released our latest version of the Workout Manager beta 2.1. This new version of the Workout Manager includes many bug fixes that have been reported in our forums, like the vanishing 1RM results and the kg/lb problem. We have also made some slight interface design tweaks that have been made based on […]

The new 2.0 beta Workout Manager

Our new beta 2.0 Workout Manager is now live! Schedule,track, download a rotation and print workout cards for all your STS and fitness workouts as well as keep track of your body weight and measurements. Go to : We have several video tutorials that will help you understand how to use our new Free […]

New Free Online Rotation Scheduler and Creator

Our new Free Rotation online software lets you easily create and share workout rotations with other registered users. Just go to the WM at and click on the “Rotations” tab after signing in. With just a few clicks of your mouse you easily download your favorite monthly Cathe rotation or download a rotation created […]

The Holy Grail of Fitness Videos?

We officially announced today during the Road Trip the secret project we have been working on for the last 2 ½ years. The Workout Blender is the heart of our soon to be released Workout Manager Software. The Workout Blender is a software program that makes it possible for you to have access and the […]